Hug This! Shiba Inu Squishable Kickstarter (ends August 9)

It’s no secret we love dogs. We also love toys, gadgets, and companies that promote greener ways to care for our pets. We also love fun, silly things like big plushy stuffed animals that resemble our beloved pets and other animals we find adorable. There are so many cute stuffed animals that resemble our cats, dogs, and birds but there hasn’t been one that looks quite like a shiba inu, till now. 

A company based in NYC, called Squishable, is looking for funding to make a big, huggable Shiba Inu. For those of us who are not familiar with Shibas, they are a japanese breed who bear a resemblance to foxes. In fact, many people have commented that Shibas look like they are half fox. Shibas are one of the older breeds dating back to 3 B.C. 

Shibas are not happy-go-lucky like their relatives the lab or easy going. They are a non-sporting breed but are very tenacious, steadfast, stubborn, and independent. Imagine a cat in dog’s clothing and that’s a Shiba Inu. However, they are awfully cute and very loyal and loving to their pack or family and will be affectionate to others who have “earned” their respect. For a Shiba owner, this means that hugging or cuddling their dog may not always be a possibility or it may bring out the “Shiba Scream.” The scream is hair-raising and someone in your building might call 911 thinking there’s an emergency. Believe me, I know. 

But back to the Squishable Shiba Inu. A few months ago Squishable had a contest of what dog breed would make a great squishable. The Corgi (they are cute too!) won but votes for the Shiba were not that far behind. With this in mind, the company has decided to create a Shiba Inu squishable but they need some help. Squishable has started a Kickstarter project to raise the money needed to produce the Shiba Inu Squishable. There are several levels of donations that the public can choose from when donating and if the project reaches its goal, all those who donated will be notified and their credit cards will be charged. 

>> Note that this Kickstarter has already reached its goal, so it’ll be fully funded, but you can still get in on the donations and rewards before the deadline of August 9, 2012. But hurry if you want to contribute!

Donations start at $7 but you can give as much as you want. Each level of donations has specific “thank you” gifts that the company will send you, such as the Shiba Inu Squishable, some other squishables, and if you donate the highest level you’ll get to meet the employees and hang out with them for an afternoon. 

For more information about the Shiba Inu Squishable and the company, check out their kickstarter page. If you’re curious what other creatures they have made, take a look at their website. They have a squishable kitty. The panda is my personal favorite. What’s yours? 

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