8 Hilarious Dogs Wearing Boots

This winter has been rough on us. Back in November parts of the West Coast got hit with snow and rain that made a few days pretty rough and now the East Coast is experiencing some impressive inches of snow.

I have friends in NY and NJ who are not happy with the black ice on the roads, slush at the crosswalks, and shoveling snow. Their dogs, on the other hand, seem to be having a good time and don’t care about traffic, getting slush on their feet, or even know what shoveling is…

For the dog owners who might be thinking, “Maybe I should have gotten fish” as they walk their dogs in the cold and snow, brush the icicles off, and then defrost themselves, here’s a few videos of owners getting their “revenge” on their best friends. (Actually, it’s good for the dogs but they don’t know that).

This dog does not like his new boots

This Shiba Inu hopes that if he keeps lifting his foot, someone will take these awful boots off!

This pup figured out how to take off the boots – gallop!

Stanley hates the cold. Stanley also hates his coat and boots. Poor Stanley.

This little guy would rather stay inside

This boxer hates the winter coat!

It’s not the coat, it’s the hood!

Little fella doesn’t want boots, doesn’t want snow on his feet… this is his solution

3 Funny Videos of Pets In The Snow

Getting tired of the cold, snowy days? Winter can be great but it can also get tiring. Cold morning walks with the dog, icy sidewalks, and cold toes are not always fun. If you’re waiting and wishing for Spring to come around faster, remember that snow can be fun. If you need a reminder, check out these three videos of dogs and cats playing in the snow.

These dogs think snow is the best thing ever! Watch them run, jump, romp, and slide around.

I haven’t met many cats that like snow. I’m not sure if all these cats enjoy the snow but they certainly want to catch it.

Here’s a great compilation of dogs and cats playing in the snow or trying their best to figure out what it is.

Do your pets play in the snow? Share your videos with us!

Cats Dressed As Sushi

There are moments in the day when I just need a break and have to search for something that makes me laugh. Today, I found a photo set by Tange and Nakimushi Peanuts that showcases some adorable cats dressed up as sushi rolls. Now, not every roll was a real one… there is a cat with a handbag and another with dollar bills on his back, but the fact that someone took the time to coerce cats to sit on a pillow that looks like rice, then wrap what is supposed to be seaweed around them, and TAKE A PICTURE without the cats leaving, or just hating the whole idea is amazing to me.

If you need a break in your day, check out some of these sushi cats!

All photos belong to Tange and Nakimushi.
If you’d like to see the whole shoot, check out their site:

History of the Puppy Bowl & Puppy Bowl X Preview

On February 2, 2014 Denver will play Seattle at the Super Bowl. But, even more epic will be the Tenth Annual Puppy Bowl. If you’ve never seen the Puppy Bowl, get ready for cuteness. Animal Planet started the Puppy Bowl in 2005 and the premise is the same, several puppies romp around in a playroom designed to look like a football field and we all sit at home and watch them wrestle, splash the water bowls, and tumble about for about 3 hours.

All the puppies who participate in the Puppy Bowl are shelter pups who are waiting for their forever homes. Along with watching the cuteness, you can also find out where the dogs are and contact information for the rescue or shelter in case you are interested in adopting. There is also a Kitty Show Halftime, which, as the name suggests, is a clowder of kittens who play around for about 30 minutes. The kittens chase laser lights, balls of yarn, a scratching post, and tumble with each other.

In case you are wondering, there is a veterinarian on-site in case the animals get injured while playing. The filming for the event takes place over the course of several days, with various cameras to catch all the action, including the water bowl camera where the view point is from the bottom of the bowl and you see big pink tongues lap up water.

The puppies are given rest periods between playing. Last year the puppy bowl had 63 puppies featured who played in groups of 10 at a time. The animals are well taken care of for the show.

Some fun facts:

  • there are cheerleaders – in 2010 it was bunnies, in 2011 chickens, 2012 it was pigs, and last year there were hedgehogs
  • the blimp that is shown flying over the stadium had a hamster in it in 2013
  • each puppy bowl names an MVP player at the end of the game, last year it was Marta, a beagle mix
  • filming takes place in NYC in a studio over the course of 3 days with hours and hours of playtime captured and edited down to 180 minutes
  • If you’re excited for this year’s Puppy Bowl, check out Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 2014 page for information about the starting lineup, view the hall of fame, and check out the pups in the locker room as they get ready to play. This year’s cheerleaders are penguins, which could be quite silly.

    Photos from Animal.Discovery.com

Norris, the Cat Burglar

I have a few friends who use cat doors, allowing their cats to come and go as they please. Sometimes, their cats have brought home strange things and dragged it through the cat door like twigs, a scared chipmunk, and things of that nature.

Norris, is a cat who lives in the UK and also likes to bring home things. But these things belong to other people, like towels, socks, pants, and t-shirts. The owners said when Norris was little he would bring home things he’d find in the recycling bins and that was harmless. But he upped his game and started raiding the neighbors’ clothing lines and porches. He has even taken to breaking into their houses and bring home items he finds interesting.

“He was perfectly well behaved up until the age of one, then he started to a turn to a life of petty crime,” says his owner, Richard.

Norris’s owners have had to write letters to their neighbors letting them know that they have some of their items and that their cat is the culprit. Fortunately, all the neighbors have been good sports and think it is funny and they also know where to go if they can’t find a pair of gloves, their bra, or other items.

I have friends who have told me that they’ve come home and found a neighbor’s cat in their house that entered through their cat door. It’s funny but also a surprise.

To read the full article, go here.

Does your cat ever bring home items that belong to someone else? Tell us! We’d love to know.

7 Dogs Who Dance Better Than We Do

With all the recent gossip and commentary regarding Miley Cyrus and her dance moves on the 2013 MTV VMA (Video Music Awards) and music video, I turned to Youtube to find something else to watch. She’s not the first singer who did something shocking. Remember Madonna rolling around on the floor in a wedding dress? Michael Jackson grabbing himself? Prince and his cutout pants? It’s not new. It’s just news.

Instead of watching footage of the VMAs, I found something else. Something better. Something fantastic. Animals who dance!

7 Dogs Who Can Dance – Really Dance

This dog puts Shakira to shame with his hips

Perfect dance partner

I think is a new dance called “the wiggle”

Who doesn’t love a dog dancing to Michael Jackson?

Aside from dancing, this dog also plays in a band

This is a dog’s version of “chair dancing”

Behind the scenes training

What moves does your dog know? Show us!

Image from Daily Picks and Flicks

7 Hilarious Cat Costumes for Halloween

Cats don’t dress up, or do they? Halloween candy, costumes for kids, and decorations are out in the stores. There are plenty of costumes for dogs. They don’t seem to be mind being in clothing. But what about cats? Do any cats like putting on a costume or finding their alter ego on Halloween?

7 hilarious Halloween costumes for cats

Shark Cat

If your cat has a tendency to slink around and you can only ever see the tail as she walks around, why not make it funnier and dress her up as a shark for the day!?

Hairy Potter

For all of us sci-fi/fantasy fans out there, show your love of Harry Potter with your cat. I can’t guarantee the hat will stay on for long but he’ll sure look adorable with it. Take pics!


I had a cat that liked to play catch with me. I would throw a ping pong ball to him and he’d catch it (sometimes) between his paws and then bat it back to me. Sometimes he’d just watch it roll away and then wash his face. But for your cats that do like to play baseball, this is perfect.

Bee Cat

Remember the song by Blind Melon and video of all the people dressed as bees? I think someone should redo it with bee cats. Lots of bee cats. If anyone dresses their cat up as a bee for Halloween, please share it with us. We’d love to see it.


If your cat likes to romp and run, this is the perfect costume for him. Watch the little mouse buck back and forth as your cat zooms through the house.

Classy cat

For your more mature and formal cat, there’s a tie and collar that he can wear for Halloween. Why not greet the trick or treaters in style?


My cats like fish and try to get my tuna rolls. If they weren’t horribly offended by clothes I’d prob dress them both up as rolls.

My Dog Did What?! Funny Photos from DogShaming.com

If you aren’t one for following trends on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit you may not know about the website called Dogshaming.com. It’s not about dogs who were punished or articles about pet abuse. It’s actually about dogs who did something naughty and were caught. Their owners then take a picture of the dog with a sign next to them saying what they did. It’s hysterical and as we all train, retrain, and enforce commands we know that sometimes our dogs just go and do whatever they want because, well, frankly, they are dogs.

If you need a mid-day break and a good laugh, we’ve compiled a few of the funniest pictures below. You can also check out more at DogShaming.com

7 Dogs That Are Bad errr Awesome

Who Had a Better Morning?

So Sorry for Peeing on You

Dentures are Tasty

Avery Threw a Fit

Welcome home!

His brother eats his toys

This dog pees on everything (including dogs)

You can submit photos of your dog’s naughty behavior to the website too!

29 Benefits of Owning a Pet

There are a lot of reasons to own a pet. Some of us have grown up with pets and it’s hard to imagine living without one as an adult. Others of us may work with animals and sometimes find that there’s one little stray that borrowed its way into our hearts and homes or that foster pup ended up being a furever pup. Sometimes pets find us and literally follow us home (this happened to my cousin years ago).

Regardless of why you have a pet, the health benefits are great and plentiful. Studies have shown that pet owners have decreased levels of stress and tend to have better levels of cholesterol than those who do not own pets. We’ve talked about the benefits of having a dog and when it comes to getting out of the house and exercising as well as the silly things our pets do that make us laugh.

Here’s 29 benefits of owning a pet

  1. They reduce allergies in children who grow up with them
  2. Petting a pet can reduce stress
  3. Walking or jogging with your dog can help you stay fit
  4. When you least expect it, they can make you laugh
  5. Hugging a pet can help relieve sadness
  6. Taking care of a pet can keep us from falling into funks
  7. Dogs can detect illnesses in us (like cancer) and help us get treatment sooner
  8. They are great therapists and always listen to our woes
  9. When it’s cold, a pet snoozing on the bed can warm it up before we go to sleep
  10. Pets won’t judge us if we eat popcorn for dinner or ice cream for breakfast
  11. Pets also don’t care if our socks don’t match
  12. Dogs are more than happy to help clean up any dropped food, especially around the high chair of your baby
  13. Dogs will bark to alert you someone is near your house
  14. If you lose something in the house (like keys) chances are your pet knows where they are, like under them. My cat sits on the things I tend to need.
  15. They’ll gladly help you finish that ham and cheese sandwich
  16. If you need to turn the soil in your yard, your dog may volunteer and dig those holes for you (just might not be where you want them)
  17. Alarm clocks aren’t necessary when your dog has a routine and will gladly keep you on it too
  18. Can help fidgety people calm down. Pet fish can help people learn to sit still and relax
  19. Dogs trained to notice health changes can keep us safe like diabetic and seizure alert dogs that can detect changes in our body before we can
  20. Pets can help children with autism communicate better
  21. Shedding pets will remind us to vacuum! Else we are all furry
  22. Some are just so ugly that they are cute and make us smile for no reason
  23. Pets can reduce the risk of eczema
  24. Some dogs can be trained to sniff out things – like food that contains ingredients you are allergic to and steer you away from them
  25. They remind to live in the present and stop worrying about the future or wishing for a different past. They are your Zen gurus
  26. Dogs can help you make friends at the dog park or on a walk
  27. A teething puppy can remind you to “let go” of material goods (especially when they chew them up!)
  28. Decrease stress
  29. Lowers blood pressure

What would YOU add to this list?

Image from HDWallpapercollection.com