Caught on Video: 5 Wacky Cats

If you are someone who keeps up with the latest internet memes, then you probably know who Grumpy Cat is and have seen that cute, scowly cat’s face with funny captions under it. The most famous being “No.” With the day to day hustle we all do, bills to pay, jobs that we sometimes don’t want to go to, and everyday stressors, pets can really be a blessing. Sometimes they also contribute to the stress but mostly they are just being themselves and indulging in their unique attributes.

Today is one of those days where I wanted to just stay home, lounge, and drink coffee but I had to go to work and get things done in the morning. At least now I get to take a break. I’ve spent the last few minutes watching videos on YouTube of cats that have very unique, quirky personality traits and silly habits. Does your cat have some uniqiue or bizarre trick? These guys stand out to me.

Here Are 5 Videos of Cats Being…Themselves

Winston is not a normal cat. He chews on things like chopsticks, plastic lids, and loves sushi. He also is very attached to his bananas and is not keen when his owner takes one. As his owner put it, every meow is like Winston saying, “Hey! Drop it!”

This chubby tabby really has a thing for sliding around on the floor. There are several videos of this cat sliding out from under a couch, laying and pulling himself across a floor, but this one of him sliding into the soda cartons and then wearing it like a corset is my favorite.

I’ve given cats baths. Some fought tooth and nail to get out, others liked being shampooed up but hated the rinse. I’ve never met a cat that wanted to soak and relax like this one.

This black and white cat knows how to walk a kitty. Do you?

And finally, this cat knows how to get around the house without exhaustion. My cats run from the vacuum and anything that moves like this. They would never ride a Roomba.

Do your cats have any unique personality traits like these guys? Walk on their front paws? Stand up and beg like a dog? Share your videos with us!

Image from CatsThatLookLikeRonSwanson

13 Ways We Annoy Our Pets

Our pets mean the world to us. We love them and they love us. But, as with anyone we live with, we also annoy each other. Our pets may have some behaviors that drive us batty like waking us up in the middle of the night by playing with a toy, or barking and trying to chase squirrels on a walk. Truth be told we also annoy them. “No way!” you say? Well, come on, think about it for a minute. We totally do. Still not convinced?

13 Annoying Things We Do To Our Pets

We dress them up

Do you think a cat or dog REALLY wants to wear clothes? Much less enter a costume contest at a pet event?

We play music or our TV loud and laugh out loud

Haven’t you noticed your cat’s ears go back and flat against their head when we talk too loud, laugh too long, or have the volume turned up high? Yeah, you have.

On days off we don’t get up at the same time as we do the other 5 days of the week

Our pets are on a routine and by sleeping in or going out late, we throw it off and annoy them.

We insist on taking pictures of them with our smartphones

And we get right up in their faces. We also try to make them pose or do a trick that they just did and don’t want to do again.

We tease them

Holding a treat to make a dog stand up, playing with a rope toy and then making it “disappear” with our cats, or hiding a treat from our hamsters annoy them. They would rather just have the toy and treat without the teasing.

We call ourselves their mom and dad

Our pets are too smart and know they are not biologically related to us. They also are well aware that they OWN us.

We confuse them with toys that look like other toys

One stuffed animal that belongs to your kid has a similar look and feel to the one that is for our dogs. They don’t want to get in trouble for grabbing the wrong one but it’s not always easy to figure out which is the “right” one when they are both on the floor.

We let our kids ride the family dog like a horse

It’s a doggie, not a horse.

We wear scents

Perfume, cologne, lotions that have scents annoy our pets. They don’t want the house to smell like that and it is overpowering to the highly sensitive cat and dog noses. They don’t want to be hugged and kissed when we smell unnatural. They might like us better if we smelled like bacon or chicken.

We put little bows in their fur

You know why dogs aren’t fans of the groomer? It’s because of the little bows with rubber bands. They tug at your pet’s fur. The bath and nail trimming isn’t that bad. It’s the bow. A bandana, however, makes a dog feel cool.

We blow in their ears and faces

This is another form of teasing. As much as our dogs might like feeling the wind against their face while riding in a car, they do not appreciate us blowing in their ears to “tickle” them. In fact, some dogs and cats may turn around and smack you and – well, you can’t blame them.

When taking our dog for a walk we don’t always let them sniff

Just because we are in a rush doesn’t mean our dog is. This is their time to check things out and it’s like “reading the paper” for them. Let them sniff and be a dog. If you seem to be running late often, then think about altering the schedule of walks to allow your dog some time to sniff, explore, and just be.

We force our pets to meet our friends

It’s not as easy to force a cat but we do try to get our pets to be nice to our friends. It’s best to let our pets take their time in saying hello to friends and neighbors. It’s also best to let our pets take their time in meeting other pets at the dog park or at pet events.

We don’t mean to, but we do annoy our pets, just as they annoy us. It’s a little give and take and all part of living together. However, the one thing that can’t be denied is that we do all these things out of love.

Can you think of other things we do that annoy our pets?

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Fun Names for Traveling Pets

Have a dog or cat that loves to travel with you? Maybe even motivates you to take more trips and explore new places? Well, a name that matches the personality is always great to have… even if it’s a nickname. If you have a pet that gets very excited when you two get in the car and shows no fear in new places, here’s a few suggestions for names or nicknames for her/him.

  • Captain!
  • Louisiana Purrchase
  • Indiana (Indy) Bones/Jones
  • Chevy (as in the car if you drive one)
  • Cowboy
  • any of the Star Trek characters
  • Highway
  • Harley Davidson
  • Fodor
  • Columbus
  • Miles
  • Compass
  • Lewis and Clark (if you have two pets)
  • Rover Dangerfield
  • Turbo
  • Scooter
  • Boots
  • Zoom
  • Taz (Tasmanian Devil if your pet goes nuts in new places with excitement)
  • Magellan
  • TomTom
  • Vader (short for Invader)
  • Little Rock
  • Speedbump
  • Amigo
  • What other great names can you think of?

    Image from Cat Man Do

Panda-Painted Dogs, Fake Testicles, & Other Weird Things We Do to Our Pets

Our pets are part of our family. They sleep with us, cuddle us, and sometimes eat with us. So it’s no wonder we want to include them into our daily activities and interests. From buying a leash that has our favorite baseball team on it to naming them after our favorite movie characters, they are an extension of our personalities.

Even still, there are some pretty bizarre things we do to our pets that they may not find amusing (or even like very much). But we sure do.

Here are some of the strangest things we do to our pets.

Dogs With Mustaches

A dog with a mustache is funny but it’s unlikely he gets the joke. It’s also unlikely that a dog would chew on it in just the perfect spot – although that has its own photo-op humor element, too. Then again, apparently we also like to put mustaches on our chew toys… errr, I mean, coffee cups.

Buy the Moody Pet Humunga Stache Ball Dog Toy on Amazon

Images from Puppies vs. Babies and Design Boom

Panda-Painted Dogs

My cats don’t like having their nails trimmed. I can’t imagine them sitting still to have their hair done. But one of the fads that is catching on (and scaring neighbors) is dying your pet to to make your golden retriever look like a lion or your chow chow resemble a panda. Ummm… Okay, I admit it – the panda idea is pretty cute.

Image from A Girl in Hong Kong

Nail Polish for Dogs

Years ago I had seen rubbery tips that could be put on cat claws to keep them from scratching and ripping up furniture. The tips came in various colors for our amusement. As the nails regrew underneath the tips, they would fall off. It seems the idea of having colorful nails has caught on. Dogs now don’t just go to the doggie spa to get a haircut – they also get their nails done.

Image from Warren London

Nicki Minaj Wigs for Cats

I imagine cats don’t care if they have long flowing silky hair or crazy colors like Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry. But apparently we do. Maybe it’s because some of us have reached that age where using Manic Panic on ourselves just would feel… weird… or have a job where we can’t go in with flaming red and neon green waves. Our pets don’t have such restrictions and it looks as if we are showing the world they can be freaky like that hipster kid in the coffee shop down the block.

Image from Cushzilla

Dry Your Dog With a Frog

Hooded towels are a good idea for cats and dogs after a bath. Some pets like to be wrapped up and held after a bath. Others like to rub and roll around on the ground. A hooded towel stays in place while drying your pet. A hooded towel that has a froggie head or duckie head on top is totally unnecessary… But you want one now, huh?

Buy the Dog Hooded Towel in Lamb, Frog, Duck, or Bunny on Amazon

Image from Pets Go Here

Cats on Leashes

Ok, I’ll admit something, I tried this once. Not on the sidewalk but in my backyard when I moved to Portland, OR three years ago. My cats were always scratching at the back door when I was out there and meowing to join me. They are indoor-only cats and have been for most of their 15+ year lives. But they did seem curious about the backyard. So I harnessed them up and would let them walk around on the wooden deck but not much farther. I’ve seen a few people in this city walking their cats on the sidewalk like a dog, but much much slower. It seems you can’t herd a cat… no matter how hard you try.

Image from Wikipedia

Fake Testicles for Neutered Dogs and Cats

It seems that there are some of us who believe our male cats and dogs feel less “manly” after being nuetered and need to have that given back to them in the form of fake testicles. It doesn’t seem to be for the pets so much as for the owners. We could probably dive into a few psychological theories but probably shouldn’t spend that much time on this one. I imagine these owners probably have fake testicles hanging off the back of their trucks, too, and anywhere else they can find a hook.

Image from

What goofy things do you do to your pet? C’mon, fess up!


10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to a Pet on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day has its roots in Christianity, back to St. Valentine who wrote, “From your Valentine” before he was executed. Today, Valentine’s Day is not only a religious holiday but it is also one where many of us show how much we appreciate our partners, those we have been dating for a little bit, and anyone else that is special to us. We exchange cards, candy, go to the movies, and anything else that expresses our gratitude and love.

What about our pets? They are special to us, we love them, they love us, and they could use a little extra TLC too. And come on, we all know that sometimes our pets are better than the person we’re dating because they don’t mind if we forgot to take out the garbage, leave our socks on the floor, or snore in bed. They don’t care if the sink is filled with dishes or if we smoke or drink too much with our buddies. All they care about is that we are kind to them, love them, and create a loving and safe environment for them.

It’s time to show your pets that you love them this Valentine’s Day.

10 Ways to Show “I Love You” To Your Pet

Spa Treatment

Take your pup to the groomer for a full makeover. Nail trim, oatmeal bath, trim, and brush out are a great way to show your dog that you care. Their skin and fur will thank you for it. Cold, dry weather can dry out their skin and dead fur can be tangled into their coats. A spa day will make them feel brand new. For your cat, a nail trim, a good brushing, and cleaning the ears with some catnip and yummy treats afterwards will show you care. We can’t guarantee they will like the treatment at the time, but they will be happy afterwards.
Image from Sandra Espinet

Walk and Talk

Yeah, that’s right. That’s what dogs want, plain and simple. A long walk after breakfast or before dinner with ample time to sniff and check out every shrubbery, tree, and fire hydrant and maybe, just maybe, chase a squirrel up a tree will make your dog feel like the only dog in the world.
Image from Jackie Notman


The Kardashians really like bling, your pets will too. Now, I’m not saying your pets are like the Kardashians. I’m just saying, ummm, well, uh…nevermind.

Your pets could use a new leash, new collar, or even a new fancy dish to eat out of. How about a fancy water dish with their name on it or a leather collar that looks stunning with their fur? There are plenty of accessories for your pets from little trinkets to outstanding jackets and shoes. Indulge a little. Show the world your pet is worth it!
Image from Pampered Whiskers


Dogs just want to hang with you, right? They want to know they are appreciated. So take the extra step this Valentine’s Day and spend some quality time together. A walk and game of fetch, or jog through the park will increase the bond already present. Small pets and cats may enjoy just being held or petted, playing with a toy, or talked to. Now, we know you already do these things but do it longer on Valentine’s Day. Give them some extra attention!
Image from Pet Plan

Clean Up

Be a servant to your pet. Clean up their litter box, vacuum their bedding and wash it, scrub their food and water bowls, and clean the dried goopy peanut butter out of that Kong. Pets may not like being bathed but they do appreciate their things being cleaned. It also helps remove odors from the home. When you’re done your pet may thank you for it by coming over and giving you a head butt or face lick.
Image from The Family Handyman

Dress Up!

If your dog wears sweaters or a raincoat when going out during the winter months, it could be a great time to buy a new one for her/him. You could also get yourself a matching sweater. Then no one will mistake that you are owned by your pet. I used to hang out with a girl who had a dog that loved putting on his argyle sweater vest every morning. It was very cute. I’m not sure if she had a matching vest.
Image from Amazon

Angels on a Leash

Your heart will swell noticeably. Check it out and donate! Your heart will swell 3 times its current size. We promise. They are an organization of wonderful therapy dogs that visit people who need a little wet nose and wagging tail in their life as they heal.

It’s a great organization and maybe your perfect pup could become a therapy dog or you can donate and help Angels on a Leash continue bring love to those who need it.
Image from Angels On A Leash

Foster or Adopt?

What would Valentine’s Day be without a true act of kindness or love? Just another cold day in winter is our guess. Check out to see other cool animals just waiting for their Valentine. Get to it! Your dog might make a new best friend or end up with a new sibling…
Image from Humane Society of Morgan County

A Dog Love Doll

Anti-Warm and Fuzzy. This is really a love doll for your dog. I don’t know how it works. I don’t know if there’s a spray on scent or not. I… I… here’s a link. And no, I don’t know what the “cone” part is for…
Image from Squidoo

Just Give’em What They Really Want

Ferrets, Hamsters, Rats, Rabbits – often want puzzles, mind exercises… a new maze made from cardboard boxes, a paper towel tube to crawl into or chew on, and maybe a some yummy treats hidden here and there.

Cats: Give’em a bird, err, we mean give them catnip.

Dogs: How about a cooked up meal of vegetables and brown rice mixed with salmon? Or maybe some fresh from the deli cheese? Your dog might even like to lick the peanut butter jar. Give ’em what they really want, food and more food.
Image from Custom Rubber Corp

In all reality, a lot of pets would probably love for us to not date anyone else so they could have us all to themselves and home all the time.

What does your pet really love?

6 Videos of Demented Pets – Or Are They Really Geniuses?

The daily grind can stress us all out. One of the benefits of owning a pet is that they can help us remember to slow down and enjoy the moment. Pets also make us laugh.

Sometimes they make us wonder if they are demented.

If your day has been a little tough, take a few minutes and watch these dogs and cats try out new toys, explore new places, and you be the judge if they are demented or a genius.

This kitten saw the hamster do it and thought it might be fun.

This cat has been working on his figure with a new kind of Diet.

This bulldog really likes his box but… it’s a bit too small.

Nom nom nom! A banana!

Winston is displeased when someone takes his bananas.

I have mornings like this sometimes. This little puppy just can’t get up.

Does your pet have any weird quirks like these ones do? Tell us!

Caught on Video! Clever Pets Outsmarting Their Humans

We all believe our pets are smart. Well, maybe not. I know a dog who got his head stuck in a cat door and just stayed there for about 10 minutes looking pathetically sad and confused…

But we do know that some dogs, cats, hamsters, and other critters that we share our lives with can be brilliant problem solvers and find ways to get into the cabinets, open a door, or even use an iPad.

Here are 7 videos of pets showing off their skills:

This cat knows “lefty loosey and righty tighty.”



This cute cat knows how to unlock and open the window. Comes in handy when it’s time to strut around town.



I guess not all dogs like being crated. Watch this escape artist unlock his crate and then try to hide the evidence by knocking the camera over.



Sometimes a corgi needs a little help from her friends. Watch Ferris help his sister out of a crate.



This min pin would rather go play on the jungle gym.



Don’t bet money when playing pool with this dog. You’ll go home penniless.



This kitty knows that to open a door, you simply have to turn the latch.


What tricks do your pets do that blow your mind?

6 Funny Videos of Musical Pets


There have always been talent shows for us to show the community and now the world our hidden ability to play an instrument, dance, or sing. But what about our pets? Some of our pets are also performers in the making.

Don’t believe me? Well, check out these 6 amazing videos of musical pets from YouTube!

Gwen Stefani would be proud of this husky singing along to The Sweet Escape:



These two dachshunds do not like pop music. They prefer piano ballads:



This beagle could be the next Rufus Wainwright with his sad love song:



Some dogs experiment with new sounds, such as, crooning to Blackberry ringtones:



A very moving aria sung by a very cultured and mature greyhound:



This welsh terrier must have had a broken heart and needed to express it by singing along to Patsy Cline:



And this cat is practicing for the next time:


Image from

Cats: How To Train Your Human

My cats have trained me. I admit it. They allow me to come and go as I please but other than that, I am under their control. Last night I had a little heart to heart talk with them and asked how they trained me without me being aware it was happening. They have owned me for the last 14 years and I felt it was safe to ask. They looked at each other for a few seconds as if they were debating letting their secret out and finally told me.
They told me it was ok to let their tricks and tips be known to other cats who may having a hard time training their humans. They also want it to be known that these exercises take patience and sometimes there are setbacks but do not be discouraged. A well-trained human can take years.

Here are the 5 ways to train your human:

  1. Wake Up and Eat – Breakfast should be served at the same time everyday. Wake up your human by jumping on the bed and meow softly. If your human does not move or show signs of waking up, begin walking on the human. When your human moves, stop, wait, and watch. If their eyes begin to open, purr immediately, this is a form of positive reinforcement. Your human will understand that by responding and waking up they are being rewarded with purrs. If they roll over or push you off, do not punish. Try walking on them again. If they are a very deep sleeper, lick the forehead and hair. It will not taste good but it will eventually wake them up. Meow between the licks. When your human begins to wake up and sit up, lead them to the food bowl.
  2. Litter Box Maintenance – Humans get lazy or forget to clean the letterbox on a daily basis. To make sure they clean it everyday, meow loudly while standing next to it. Your meow should sound sad. Evoke the feeling of despair. Your human will come running thinking something is wrong. Well, something is wrong! Once they have appeared, circle the litter box, look up at them, and stare. They will get the hint. If they do not and walk away, repeat meowing and if necessary, go to the bathroom next to it.
  3. Fresh Water – Water is essential. Fresh water means replacing the water from the day before or that morning. If your water has become stale, paw at the water bowl. If your human is nearby, look up and make eye contact. If they seem confused, paw harder and splash water on the floor. Yes, your paw will get wet but your human needs to understand that clean water, fresh water, is a requirement. Not an option. Some cats will go as far as to dig in the water bowl and empty all the old water out onto the floor. That can be done in extreme cases.
  4. Hairballs – Humans must be trained to brush us on a regular basis or else we can get hairballs or knots in our fur. Hairballs and food can create an upset stomach. When the weather gets warmer, we begin shedding more and a gentle reminder to our humans to brush us can be leaving fur on everything. Lay on their shoes, clothes, bed, couch and roll around to leave fur behind. If they do not bring out the brush, sit on their laps and toss and turn to get comfortable but also to leave fur on them. This works best if the colors they are wearing contrast the fur, like black pants and a white cat. If you must throw up, throw up on something the human likes a lot like their bed or where they stand when they make coffee. It will get their attention.
  5. Doors Should Remain Open – Do not allow any doors to be closed to any room in the house. To get a door to open, sit in front of it and meow. If this does not work, get up on your hind legs and scratch at the door loudly to get your human’s attention. Once your human opens the door, rub your cheek against a leg or ankle and walk away. Remember, it isn’t that you wanted to go anywhere, just that the door should be closed. If your human closes the door, repeat the above steps.

There are many other ways to train your human. Patience, persistence, and positive reinforcement can make for a good human. If they become unruly or unmanageable, a good stare with your ears back against your head along with a fast swishing tail often lets them know that you are not happy with their behavior. Rewarding them with purring and allowing them to pet you works best though. Hissing, scratching, and hostile attitude should only be used in extreme cases. Humans are frustrating and can be stubborn. Deep breaths. They are only… human.

If you want to learn how to walk your human, here’s a simple 7 step video.

Photo from

5 Geeky Pet Products

There are cats and dogs on Twitter, Facebook pages for our beloved pets, and social networks and groups dedicated to pet lovers to meet and talk about our most amusing parrot we ever owned or the best ways to keep a fish tank clean. So why not show our techie side by getting products for our pets? There are several great iphone and android pet apps for us to use that store medical information, emergency contacts, and other data. But what about accessories?

Here are 5 geeky pet products that our pets can wear in style:

Twitter inspired dog color in blue or purple – let your friends and neighbors know that your dog has a twitter account with this heavy duty nylon webbed collar. It comes in ¾ or 1 inch width and you can choose blue or purple. There is a D ring for attaching tags and the leash. The collar is made by hand which means no two items are identical. A portion of the sale of the collars goes to pet organizations that the seller donates to. There is also a matching leash that comes in 4, 5, or 6 ft lengths.

Hartz Angry Birds Gone Crazy Cat Toy – Rovio created an addictive game that took over the smartphone and ipad world by storm a few years ago. Angry birds had many of us testing our slingshot skills as we tried to beat up the pigs and get back the eggs they stole. Now, your cat can also play. These angry bird inspired ping pong balls are fun colors and a great toy for your cat. Perfect for playing indoors.

Maybe it’s not your cat that cares about Angry Birds but your dog. If that’s the case, try these Angry Birds inspired plush toys with squeakers – each package has 5 characters from the game in two sizes. These toys are not made for bigger dogs who may be able to tear the plush toys open in one bite. Small dogs will enjoy tugging, gnawing, and playing with these angry birds till the squeakers are either destroyed or they’ve removed them as dogs often like to do.

QR Code pet tags – a smart tag for your pet as they romp around. Instead of having your name, number, and your pet’s name on a tag you can have a QR code instead. One side has the code and the other side can have a 3d charm. The tags are available in several colors and sizes. There is even a downloadable application that you place on your smartphone that can be used to read the code and update the information as needed. If your pet is lost, this can be another way to get her back to you aside from microchipping and rabies tags.

LIKE or LOATHE catnip toys – Don’t you sometimes wish Facebook had a thumbs down option? The problem is you may unintentionally insult or hurt your friends’ feelings. But your cat doesn’t care. In fact, your cat wants to just play. Here are two felt toys that your cat will love and will show her feelings about Facebook. Each toy is handmade from a wool blended felt and features a thumbs up and thumbs down. Each is about 4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.