iPad Apps for Pet Owners

If you own an iPad you know there are a ton of apps for it that entertain, teach, and help you find things. There are also a large number of apps for pet owners that can be useful tools when you and your pet are in a new town, need some medical attention, and store important information about your furry buddy.

MiPets allows pet owners to store info about their pet. Medical information, personal info, photos, and dates of vaccines can all be saved on your iPad for you to access immediately. You can also share pics of your pet with your Facebook profile.

Paw Card is another organizer for pet information. It also has a graph that shows your pet’s weight changes throughout time so you can see if seasonal habits affect your pet and if you need to alter routines. You can create notes, keep a record of ID tags, and email all the vital information to your vet, pet sitter, or doggie daycare.

Pet Nanny offers an easy way to track their tasks and responsibilities. The app lets owners manage and share information about their pet’s medical history, vaccines, instructions on care, and other information. It also has a calendar and reminder feature for events and appointments for your pet. The app also allows you to record your pet’s woof, purr, or trill and share it with friends on Facebook, twitter, or email.

Pet Care Services helps you find a groomer, dog park, ER, and other services in your area. It uses your GPS location to find the nearest pet places and is free!

Find Pet Friendly Hotels is useful when you’re traveling with your pet and need a place to stay. It has a database of over 30,000 pet friendly hotels and information that will help you pick the one that best suits your needs. It also lists nearby dog parks, vets, and pet stores. You can also connect with other pet owners using the app and share reviews and ratings.

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