iPad Game Helps Pets: Millie

As we learn how to better take care of our pets, it’s good to pass it onto our children. Aside from talking to them about how to pet the dog, cat, and handle the smaller pets, it’s also good to let them know about the pets looking for new forever homes. A company called Meapops had developed a series of books and games about a dog named Millie.

A percentage of the sales from Megapops is donated to Petfinder.com which helps keeps the site running and helps homeless pets find new homes. Millie is a dog that has many adventures and journeys. Your child will help Millie find treasure, collect items, and travel with her as she explores the crazy jungle known as Central Park in New York.

Millie currently has had three adventures. The first book is free to download. The second one is titled, “Millie and the Lost Key.” She’s looking for the key to endless bacon. Her walk through NYC turns into an adventure where she meets unicorns, pirates, and other animals and friends. Your child will read along and help her find the magical key that will get her some bacon!

In the third book, Millie is trick or treating and knocks on the doors of neighbors. She discovers many new magical powers, meets lots of people, and is on the hunt for those magical bacon-flavored treats. The story changes depending what and how you and your child interact and choose where Millie goes next.

These stories have received great reviews and the best part is, the creators are animal lovers who are helping to raise awareness about pet care. They offer specials on their books from time to time.

If you and your child have story time and are looking for a new character to bring into your life, Millie might be the dog for you. The books are not expensive and by buying them, you are donating a little to help animals in shelters, rescue organizations, and in homes where they can no longer stay in for many reasons. So why not check out Millie this holiday season and give a little to the pets who need it the most?

To learn more about Millie and how to purchase the books, check out MillieWasHere.

Happy Holidays!

photo courtesy of Milliwashere.com

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