iPhone Apps for Your Pet

A few months ago I had mentioned several smartphone applications that can help you locate your pet, remind you of vet visits, and find the nearest dog park. These are great for us humans in the house but what about the four-legged or winged family members who have been trying for years to get us to do their bidding?

There are some apps available for the iPhone that have been developed to help our dogs and cats train us, translate what they want into a language we can understand, and when we get lost there’s app that can send out a message to help us get found. Maybe now, my cats won’t give me dirty looks when they meow at me and all I can say, “aww, hi guys!”

After a long day of napping, stretching, drinking water, and sunning, my cats want to unwind and play some games. Now they can play Cat Toy when I’m not using the phone. Cat Toy has a butterfly, mouse, and laser that make sounds and move when your cat bats the screen with his paw. If your cat seems to be intrigued at moving images this app might do the trick.

What about those moments when your dog is staring at you and barking for something or your cat is dancing in circles around you and meowing? What do they want? What are they trying to train us to do? And where’s our reward?

The next time your cat is meowing and howling at you, try using the meowlingual cat translator to find out exactly what your cat would like you to give him. It could be something as simple, food, new water, or to scratch his ear. You can also begin to learn what your dog wants you to do too with the dog translator such as, go for a walk, throw a stick, find me a squirrel to chase.

If you want to learn and communicate with the birds in your area try the Peterson Field Guide To Birds app. It won’t translate the chirps and bird songs but it will help you identify what winged friends are hanging around your neighborhood.

However, if your dog demands his own iPhone, see if this will work: I-Bone Plush Toy.

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