Is Your Cat Peeing On The Bed?

In October I got a new kitten. It was unexpected. He was found in the backyard and his litter mates and mother were gone. I took him home, took him to the vet, and slowly introduced him to my older cat. As the weeks went on I let him explore the apartment room by room. One night I decided to let him sleep in the bedroom. The kitten peed on the bed. He peed on the bed about three times. I did a lot of laundry… a lot.


Once my kitten grew a little more, became more confident about his surroundings, and got used to things he stopped peeing on the bed. From what the vet and I talked about it seemed he was experiencing anxiety. This is not uncommon. Cats tend to pee in other places other than their litterbox to signal something in the house is upsetting them. If your cat is peeing outside the box and on your bed, or on your clothes, or anywhere, identify what could be the new stressor.


Here’s a checklist of potential stressors that may help you identify what it is that your cat is upset about.

  • Is the litterbox clean?
  • Did you change litter?
  • Does the litter box need to be cleaned more often?
  • Is the litter box big enough? Is it accessible?

  • Is it a covered litterbox?
  • Is it in a quiet place?
  • Did your hours away from home change recently?
  • Did you move to a new place?
  • Are you not giving your cat the same amount of attention that you used to?
  • Did someone new start coming over? Staying over?
  • Do you have a new roommate?

Also, try making play time and treats something you do on the bed, in the bedroom, so that your cat associates the bedroom with a place where s/he eats. Cats tend to not want to urinate where they eat. Take it slow, be patient, and it’ll work itself out. If you suspect it might be a health issue, a trip to the vet is in order.

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