Jack Russell Terrier Clubs of America

Jack Russell Terriers are playful and energetic little dogs, and there is one central and many localized networks devoted to this breed. Many of them hold serious trials alongside fun and creative events for their members. Some of these clubs are also linked to rescue groups or offer breeders lists, for those interested in adopting.

Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America is the largest Jack Russell Terrier club in the world, and dates back to its foundation in 1976. There are not only American members, but it also some around Canada, England, Scotland, Japan and a few other countries.

This club offers many opportunities for its members, where they can meet all sorts of other Jack Russell lovers and dogs. Members obtain the quarterly publishing as well. There is also the JRTCA National Trial, which is held each October in Maryland, and is one of the biggest single-breed dog events in the world. This club is not affiliated with the American Kennel Club.

Gulf Coast JRT Network

The Gulf Coast JRT Network is based out of South and Central Texas. They have ample opportunities for people and Jack Russells around these areas to get together and socialize. They have an annual trial, along with racing, agility, fun days, lure coursing and more. They also support the Russell Rescue and have a breeders directory for around Texas and a few other states.

Sunshine State Jack Russell Terrier Club

This Florida club is there to support the breed with “education, training, competition and Russell Rescue.” They hold some annual activities like agility, conformation, racing, super earth, trailing and locating trials. There are also fun days, workshops and membership appreciation days held throughout the year.

Carolinas Jack Russell Terrier Club

The Carolinas Jack Russell Terrier Club is committed to “preserve, protect, and work” this particular dog. Its members put on all sorts of events, such as get togethers, seasonal fun days, annual meetings and races. Those who live in the Carolinas and are interested in a Jack Russell should check out their rescue site. Those who want to become members of this club should read the procedure.

Dogwood Jack Russell Terrier Club

This club is based and run out of Georgia and the surrounding southeastern region. They are an active club involved in rescue, and also in a variety of events, like dock diving, general meetings and other fun days. People interested in joining should read this.

Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network

This New England club was founded in 1997, and serves its community by holding Yankee Trials and fun days. Northeasterners should know that anyone is invited to join this club.

Mid-America Working Terrier Association

This association is based out of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, and has been around since 2004. They hold trials, and also know of a number of Jack Russell Terrier breeders.

Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club

The Midwest JRT Club is based out of Illinois, and has been around since 1992. They offer educational seminars and play days every month from the spring through the fall. They also hold trials and an annual general meeting for members. Click here to apply to this club.

South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club

The South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club is dedicated to bringing the Southern Californians information, resources and activities regarding their little dogs. They hold competitive activities like the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, and also some fun events. Click here to check out a membership application.

Southwest Jack Terrier Network

The Southwest Jack Terrier Network is based around Dallas/Fort Worth, and serves the surrounding northern Texas region. They are a fun and active club with activities like hurdle racing, spring fling and play days. Their website has an online membership application.

Tri State Jack Russell Terrier Club

This Jack Russell club unites owners and breeders in the Northwestern states, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. They publish a newsletter for members, and put together activities like trials and fun days. Check out their membership information.

Rocky Mountain JRT Network

This Colorado club is involved in Jack Russell Terrier hunts and trials; they put on some really involved fun days, which have racing, hunting tests, lure coursing and conformation, and members are encouraged to bring dishes. They also have a Colorado breeders directory.

River City Jack Russell Terrier Club

This Terrier club is located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Their members get to enjoy things like go-to-ground practice, Youth Handler classes, racing and general social events.

Rio Grande Jack Russell Terrier Club

This club is based out of New Mexico, and is connected with a local rescue network for Jack Russell Terriers.ย  Those interested in membership should know that they hold a few seasonal events throughout the year.

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