Jerky Treats Linked To Illness in Pets

The FDA is looking into a recent outbreak of illnesses that are connected to jerky treats. There’s been almost 600 deaths and over 3,000 illnesses since 2007 from treats made from chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and other ingredients. The treats are made in China and it’s unclear what other ingredients might be in the treats.

So, the FDA is asking for help. They are reaching out to vets and pet owners asking them to contact the agency if they have seen the illnesses firsthand so they can work towards a solution. Come on fellow pet lovers, let’s help and find out what’s going on.

The symptoms that have been recorded so far are: (1) decreased appetite, (2) vomiting, (3) diarrhea, (4) increased water intake, (5) and increased urination. About 60% of the cases involved gastrointestinal illnesses and some others had liver and kidney problems.

If you have jerky treats, please refrain from giving them to your pet and hang onto them. If your pet has become ill, bring them with your pet to the vet so they can, if needed, send the treats to the FDA or try to figure out what’s in them that is making your pet sick.

For more information, read the article on CBS .


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