June 26: Take Your Dog To Work Day

Mark your calendar and be ready to get no work done. This year’s Take Your Dog To Work Day is Friday, June 26, 2015 and it is exactly what it says – take your dog to work, show off his strut, his fancy collar, and watch him get loved like he’s a rock star.

Before you head to work, make sure you’re prepared

  1. Dog-proof your workspace – make sure all loose wires and plugs are tidied up and tied together. Empty the trash can so your dog doesn’t make a bad impression and dig through your garbage looking for that wrapper from the sandwich you had yesterday.
  2. Manners – if your pet needs a refresher course, spend a few days before going to work reinforcing commands. Sit, stay, no, and come are all great ones to know. If your dog isn’t walked on a leash often, start taking walks in the evening to retrain your dog to not pull and stop walking when you stop.
  3. What to bring – treats, two bowls – one for water, one for food, paper towels in case there’s an accident, something soft for your dog to lay on, and a quiet toy or chewie for your dog. Make sure the ID tag on your dog’s collar is secure too!
  4. Your camera – on your phone or whatever, because you’ll want to remember this day!

Image from Employmentlawbusinessguide.com

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