Keep Your Old Pup Healthy!

As our pets age their healthcare changes too. The activity levels slow down, runs become long walks, and your dog may not be able to jump and catch that frisbee the way she used to when she was a young, silly pup. Want to keep your buddy healthy as she enters her twilight years?

Here’s 5 Ways to Keep Your Older Dog Healthy

  1. Checkups – Older dogs need regular visits to the vet to test for arthritis, dental disease, kidney functions, and to catch problems sooner rather than later. Don’t skip the vet appts and in fact, your vet might recommend 6 months checkups.
  2. Observe changes – Keep an eye on changes in bathroom habits, sleeping, and eating. Changes in the usual day to day can indicate something is going on. Also, if your dog seems moodier, it could mean she’s uncomfortable or is having a hard time doing things and it’s bothering her. Any changes should be relayed to your vet to make sure things are ok.
  3. Getting Around – As your dog ages, jumping up on the couch, climbing into the car, and walking may become tougher. Help your dog out and get small doggie steps or a ramp for getting on and off surfaces. If your dog seems very unsteady on tiled floors and wood floors, a carpet on the slippery floors can help your dog gain stability.
  4. Diet – Your older dog may need a new diet or changes to her diet. Some dogs may gain weight and other may lose weight, changing the food can help stabilize her weight. Also, some health problems can be controlled by a special diet. Talk to your vet if your dog needs dietary changes.
  5. Sleep Station – Older dogs may need a different pet bed. You’ve seen the orthopedic bed for dogs, right? They are cushier in some ways, firmer in others, and help your dog sleep better and provide better comfort and support. This can help ease the discomfort of arthritis, increase circulation, and reduce stiffness. If you’re not down for buying a super pricey bed, you can provide softer blankets, pillows, and towels that can pad your dog’s bed. Remember, keep the bed away from drafty areas in the house.

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