Keep Your Pet Trim

Most of us know that too many treats or over feeding at meals can cause our pets to get chubby. We know that but it’s hard to deny a dog with sad eyes a small piece of bacon or an extra cookie. My cats stare at me if I have a turkey sandwich with this look… it’s like they’re saying, “We’re starving.” But all those little treats and extras add up and eventually our pet might be a little more jiggly than they should be. There are ways to avoid this.

3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Trim

Fruits and Vegetables
Instead of the tasty pet treats from the store, try using carrot sticks and dried pumpkin snacks. Dogs like these just as well as that beef flavored whatever thing. Cut up apples, a few blueberries, and peas can serve as great treats for training or just for being a good pup.

Low-calorie treats
If you don’t have time to prep some homemade treats, you can find low-calorie treats at your local pet store. These often come in flavors that cats and dogs like such as fish, chicken, beef, and turkey.

Pets, like us, need to exercise. A long walk can be great but sometimes that’s not enough. Pets should have a little cardio added to their routines. So a game of fetch in the yard or a few cats toys that make your kitty run should do the trick. If you’re a jogger your dog could become your new running partner!

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