Keeping Dogs Cool in the Summer

I live in a climate that hovers between 105-110 degrees for at least a month during the summer. It’s a little known fact that dogs can get heat stroke during the summer that can be fatal. Given the fact that I’m the owner of a Labrador who is Black, keeping my pooch cool is a high priority.


Just like us, dogs dehydrate more quickly in hot weather. That’s why it’s important, especially if you are going to leave your dog outside, to keep a large water dish that is never empty. Remember that water can evaporate, especially in hot weather, so make sure to check the water bowl a few times throughout the day.


If your dog is going to be outdoors for any period of time, make sure to provide a shady area. Even if your yard tends to be shady, make sure there is an area that never gets sunlight. You can cover part of your dog run with a tarp, get her a doghouse or buy one of those instant shade shelters.

Air Conditioning

Just remember, if its too hot for you, it’s probably too hot for your dog. Leave your a/c on when the dog stays home.


It’s actually your dogs underside that needs attention when you are trying to keep her cool. Hose down her belly periodically or buy a wading pool for her to tromp around in.

Time for a Haircut

If your dog has long, thick hair, give her a little trim. She’ll be able to feel any gust of wind that happens upon her, and hey, she may look better!

Remember, Dogs can’t sweat like we do, so keeping them cool should be a top priority!


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