Klooff – Pet Pictures All The Time

Is your Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook full of selfies from your friends? Is this starting to bug you? If you’re looking for an avenue where you can show off your cute pets – there’s a solution. It’s called Kloof. It’s all pet pictures, only pet pictures.

The founder of Kloof understands that pets are part of our lives, they are our “kids” and our best friends. While you can share pics of them on your Facebook and instagram, why not have a place where it’s only for them?

Kloof is similar to Instagram, allowing users to take and post photos and short videos. However, there are some differences: Kloof is web-based, with an app too for your phone and it has sections for you to choose from when posting your pet. You don’t need followers to see your photos, they are public and categorized. Anyone can check them out and vote the pics up and down. When you create a log-in, you create it as your pet, not as yourself.

Want to see what Kloof is about? Check it out here.

Do you use Kloof? Share your pics with us.

Image from Kloof – Geordi La Corgi

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