Kosher Pet Food For Passover

As Passover approaches this month and we start preparing for the holiday by not having “impure” food in the house such as chametz or food with grains inside, pork, and any meats not butchered according to Jewish guidelines, some of us wonder what we can do to also have our pet’s food adhere to these traditions.

In the past some owners have fed their cats and dogs in rooms away from the kitchen or moved their food to the garage during the holiday to keep impure foods from entering the house. However, there are a few brands of food that are Kosher and are high quality food for your pets.

KosherPets offers freeze-dried raw beef for cats and dogs and can be served with water or broth. They also have canned food for your furry friend.

Another brand that has gained in popularity is Evangers. They have always used natural products with no preservatives or salt added and have been in business for over 50 years.

Wagatha also makes organic dog treats which are Kosher and made with 100% human grade ingredients. In other words, you could nibble a treat and share it with your pup.

While there’s no direction by Jewish law that pets must also keep Kosher, we may want to extend it to our pets so that their food bowls does not have to be kept in another room or washed in the bathroom sink.

Also, as we become more educated with what foods are best for our pets, fillers such as grains and meat by-products are not great for their bodies. Keeping Kosher or buying foods for our pets that meet Kosher guidelines can help them be happy, healthy, and live long lives with us.


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