Las Vegas Bans Sale of Puppies From Puppy Mills

The city council of Las Vegas has stepped up in their fight against puppy mills. In January, the council banned the sale of puppies from puppy mills, including organizations that intentionally breed pets for profit. The ban extends to kittens and piglets as well. The pet stores in Las Vegas have two years to comply with the new law.

Banning the sale of these pets helps put puppy mills out of business. There are other alternatives to find a pet such as reputable breeders and adopting from shelters and rescue groups. Many groups have teamed up with pet stores and have adoption areas in the store.

Some other cities that have bans on selling puppy mills pets are:

Albuquerque, New Mexico
West Hollywood, California
El Paso, Texas
Austin, Texas
Lake Worth, Florida
Glendale, California
Brick, New Jersey
Burbank, California
Hoboken, New Jersey
Toledo, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois
Bay Harbor Islands, Florida
Memphis, Michigan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Glassboro, New Jersey

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