Lower Vet Bills? Yes, Please!

Gas prices keep rising, it’s tax season, and some of us can’t find a job that will pay the bills. As much as we can go for rewards card at our local grocery store, buy smarter, and recycle, we still have to take care of ourselves and our pets. Vet checkups can be costly, especially if your pet needs some dentistry done, may have an ongoing health issue, or is young and getting shots for the first time. It’s important to keep vet visits as part of a maintenance program for your pet but you can cut out unnecessary tests and procedures by keeping your pet as healthy as possible throughout the year.

Here’s 4 ways to lower vet bills:

1: Invest in quality food – choose a high quality pet food to keep your buddy healthy and cut down on intestinal problems, obesity, and diseases. Provide fresh water, good food, and no unnecessary treats. The price of the food will be cheaper in the end, investing in good food will save you hundreds on health issues later.

2: Proper pest control – Fleas can be a big problem all year round. Once they get into the house, they can lay eggs, hibernate, and reappear. They can also cause allergic reactions in your pets and hot spots. Invest in topical treatments that are recommended from your vet. Do not skimp and talk to your vet about the ingredients in flea and tick products and educate yourself on the best and safest ones. This will save you money on an exterminator, medicine for your pets, and other problems.

3: Avoid a chubby pet – obese pets can suffer from physical problems like high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes. The prescription drugs, foods, and monitoring of these problems can be costly. You can cut down on the chances of these happening by keeping your pet fit and trim. Long walks, jogs, and play time will make a difference in your pet’s behavior, your stress level, and their health.

4: Bathe and groom your pet – Bathing your pet with shampoos that don’t have harsh chemicals can help keep their coat and skin healthy. Brushing removes loose fur and cuts down on hairballs and ingestion issues. Wiping your dog’s feet when coming in from a walk reduces the chance they may lick or ingest something that is stuck to their paws and harmful to them. Grooming also helps increase blood flow throughout the body, so does petting.

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