Matilda Knows How To Party! The Algonquin Hotel Cat

I know most of us have a “birthday” party for our pets or do something to celebrate it like giving them a special treat, special meal, or a super fun afternoon at a dog park. But I doubt any of us have parties that top the kind Matilda has each year at the Algonquin Hotel.

On Wednesday, Matilda turned 15 and had a huge party. I mean huge. There were about 200+ people and a feline fashion show. The party was hosted by John Fulton, who is the host of “Must Love Cats” on Animal Planet, and had a mobile adoption unit with cats in it hoping to find a forever home.

Wait? What? You don’t know who Matilda is and why she gets such lush parties?

The Algonquin Hotel has a tradition of having a resident cat who is treated like gold and has his/her own personal assistant. The resident cat gets to go anywhere in the hotel except the kitchen. Currently, Matilda, a ragdoll cat, is the hotel’s number one feline. She has her own chaise lounge and often greets the guests as they enter the lobby.

The first cat was taken in back in the 1930s when the owner, Frank Case, took in a stray cat and named him Hamlet. The Algonquin Hotel will always have a cat and only use the names Hamlet or Matilda depending if the cat is male or female.

Matilda has her own email address and an assistant who replies to people’s inquiries for her, a facebook fan page (Matilda – The Algonquin Cat), and a twitter account (@Algonqueen). Matilda has some other furry friends who visit her, such as a dog named Cosmo. Cosmo and Matilda can be seen hanging out on a luggage cart in the lobby.

Her birthday bash benefits a local no-kill animal shelter and has some classic tales such as the time Matilda hid and refused to attend her own party or the time she jumped on her cake and then ran away leaving buttercream paw prints behind her.

Now I have met several cats who live in various places of business such as a local deli, pet store, and bar but I highly doubt any of them get bashes like Matilda’s. If you’re ever near the hotel, pop in and say hello to Matilda. She’d love it!

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