6 Memorial Day Travel Tips

Heading out of town for the weekend? Want to take your pet? Traveling with your pet can be a lot of fun for you and them. Before you hit the road, don’t forget a few tips to make the weekend awesome!

6 tips to travel like a pro with your pet:

  1. Check pet policy and guidelines of the place you have booked. Review the policies, check your reservation and let them know you are bringing your dog and ask what they require in terms of vaccine records and other paperwork. Some hotels have a size and weight restriction. Some campgrounds have strict rules about dogs staying on the grounds, ask them if you need to bring a crate, what the leash length restrictions are, and if there are any other rules.
  2. Reinforce the training techniques you have established with your pet. New places and new smells can make dogs very excited. Sometimes they won’t listen as well because they are distracted with the new environment. Avoid situations that could be embarrassing and tense by making sure your dog has some of the basic commands drilled into her/his head.
  3. Plan for fun with your pet. Many places do not want your pet to left alone for long periods of time. Plan activities and places to go that allow you to bring your pet. Hiking trails, places to eat, and parks that welcome your dog can be found in visitor guides, websites of the places themselves, and here on our site.
  4. Have your pet’s vet number on hand. Look up the local vet and 24 hour emergency hospital near where you are staying. If you have an app on your phone for pet information, check that the information is up to date. Pack a small emergency kit that can be used for your pet and you. Hydrogen peroxide, bandages, tweezers, and some ointments, an extra leash, and gauze are all good to have on hand.
  5. Pack some extra food, treats, and medication for your pet in case you run out and can’t find it in the local pet stores. If you extend your trip an extra day or you drop a pill by accident, having more than you need on hand can ease your worry.
  6. Clean up after your dog. Pack doggie bags and leave the parks and streets the way you came across them. Be considerate and always be responsible.

Have a great weekend!

Image from The LA Times

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