Mickey Mouse and Rex! New Pet Resort at Disney World

At the end of the month a new pet resort will be opening that can board your dog, cat, or “pocket pet” while you and your family run around the Magic Kingdom. This pet resort will replace the 5 pet hotels that were previously available for people vacationing and visiting at Disney World. The new resort, which is the same company that owned the 5 others, is 50,000 sq. ft. and can board 270 dogs, 30 cats, and small animals. They will not board reptiles or venomous pets.

If you live in the area and don’t want to leave your dog home all day while you go play, you can opt for daycare.Your dog will have to have updated vaccines and a negative fecal plus a consultation to make sure your dog is ok with being in a pack and get along with everyone. But you’ll have peace of mind that your dog is being cared for, playing, and not home bored or lonely.

Boarding your pet where you are vacationing can give you peace of mind because you can drop by and see your pet, if there is a medical emergency you are right there, and the facility has a private outdoor area as well as a climatized indoor area where you can take a nice walk with your furry friend. One of the fears that some pet owners have when leaving their pet and traveling to another state is that the dog sitting service or boarding place may not be as attentive as they advertised, and what if your pet gets sick? Will they call you? Will they go the extra mile and contact your vet and you? The idea of taking your pet with you and being there in person if there’s a problem is great. However, the pet resort is not free but it’s affordable.

Boarding starts at $37 a day for dogs and $23 for cats. If you would like your dog to be pampered you can add other services the resort provides such as joining a playgroup, private playtime, one on one cuddle time with a staff member, and a walk around the grounds. Your cat can also be spoiled with a special tuna treat, playtime, and one on one time.

Some of the features are free and others are part of a package deal. You also have the option to add features if you want to pick and choose what your dog or cat will indulge in.

So if you’re planning a trip with the kids to Disney World, bring the cat, and don’t be shocked if the cat has a better time than you!

For more information about the resort, visit their website: Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World®

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One thought on “Mickey Mouse and Rex! New Pet Resort at Disney World

  1. I still wish that it was supplemental doggie day care and worked in conjunction with the Disney hotels but I do think that this is a good thing. Thank you for your interest in Pets and their care.