5 Important Pet Tips for Spring

Spring is here! The warmer weather means that you and your pets will be spending more time outside. Maybe you’ll start taking those long evening walks again or heading to the dog park on the weekends. You may even start hiking through your local preserve or parks. Or you two may simply hang out in the backyard and play some fetch. Your cat will probably start sitting in the windowsills again or want to take strolls out in the yard (if s/he’s indoor/outdoor), or just simply lay in that sun that streams through your windows.

Whatever you do with your furry friends, here’s how to make sure that they are ready for spring.

5 Important Pet Tips for Spring:

  1. Brush your cat – A thorough brushing a few times a week will go a long way to curb shedding around the house and cut down on the chance of a gross hairball on your floor. Cats with long coats may need a de-matting tool as well. If your cat tolerates it, you may even try a bath to help remove the dead fur, condition their skin, and clean off any debris. Just remember, make sure to dry them well, and if your cat won’t tolerate the water, don’t push it.
  2. Houseplants – Cats and dogs sometimes chew or nibble plants. Some cats dig in the pots and toss dirt everywhere. If you have pets that think the plants are their “tiny” garden, consider hanging plants or moving them where your pets can’t access them. If the plants you have are poisonous and can make your pet ill, see if your friends want them and replace them with safer species.
  3. Cleaning chemicals – As you begin spring cleaning the house, garage, and attic be mindful of the cleaners you have in your house. Some may leave a residue behind that can harm your pets. Check the labels and keep your pets away from the newly mopped and cleaned rooms till everything is completely dry and the chemicals used are put away.
  4. Safety First – When removing the insulation from the windows, check the screens for holes and tears. A cat may lean against the screen and end up outside. You also don’t want flies and other bugs getting into your house. Repair any weak spots in your windows and if your cat loves to perch on the windowsill, think about getting a cat tree with multi shelves that can be placed near the window or a cat shelf that is like a hammock for cats.
  5. Pesticides – If you use some pesticides in the house and in your yard, check the labels and think about changing brands to safer ones for the environment and your pets and children. Some types are fatal if your pet ingests them and others may cause extreme sickness. There are green ways to keep pests at bay such as using peppermint oil to repel ants and citronella to repel mosquitos.

Have a safe and happy Spring!

Image from My Garden

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