My Dog Did What?! Funny Photos from

If you aren’t one for following trends on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit you may not know about the website called It’s not about dogs who were punished or articles about pet abuse. It’s actually about dogs who did something naughty and were caught. Their owners then take a picture of the dog with a sign next to them saying what they did. It’s hysterical and as we all train, retrain, and enforce commands we know that sometimes our dogs just go and do whatever they want because, well, frankly, they are dogs.

If you need a mid-day break and a good laugh, we’ve compiled a few of the funniest pictures below. You can also check out more at

7 Dogs That Are Bad errr Awesome

Who Had a Better Morning?

So Sorry for Peeing on You

Dentures are Tasty

Avery Threw a Fit

Welcome home!

His brother eats his toys

This dog pees on everything (including dogs)

You can submit photos of your dog’s naughty behavior to the website too!

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