Myths About Cats

What do we know about cats? They like to nap on our beds, tend to sit or stand on things we don’t want them to, and love to sit in window sills. But there are some myths that friends and others may believe about cats that need to be debunked. Cats sometimes get a bad rap when compared to other pets like dogs. Only us cat owners know the truth. The next time someone you know says something about cats that sounds like a myth set them straight.

Common myths about cats:

1: Cats are aloof and don’t seem to like other pets, including dogs. Cats can get along with dogs, hamsters, fish, and any other pet you have in your house. They can live harmoniously with other animals. Some cats that have never lived with another animal may be unsure, hostile, or aloof towards the other critters in the house or people but the same can true of any pet. Typically, if you get a cat when they are young and introduce it to a multi-pet household things will work out well. Cats and dogs tend to get along well as long as both have had proper introductions and understand each other’s boundaries.

2: Cats are dumb and cannot be trained. It’s a common belief that cats aren’t able to be trained like dogs. They are not dogs so their responses are not the same. However, they are intelligent and can learn tricks like sit, come, and know when it is time to eat and time to play. They can also learn what is appropriate for them to use as a scratching post and do respond well to positive reinforcement.

3: Cats are low maintenance and can take care of themselves. Cats display a type of independence that dogs don’t, and seem to not be as dependent on us in some ways but they do need their owners to provide food, love, care, and attention. They thrive on being pet, hugged, and given attention. Some cats like to meow back at owners when they talk to them. I ask my own cats if they are hungry when it’s time for dinner and they run to their food bowls. After they eat, wash their paws and face, they want to sit and snuggle up against me. Caring for cats is important and reduces our stress level as well as theirs.

4: Cats are unhappy being indoor only pets. Cats that grow up indoors can be very happy as long as the house has some toys, maybe a window perch, and scratching posts. Cats need mental and physical stimulation and if the square footage of your home can adequately provide that along with some TLC then life is good.


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