National Pet Wellness Month Tips

October is National Pet Wellness Month and if you haven’t, then this is the month to schedule that overdue vet exam, start that diet and exercise plan you’ve been thinking about to slim Oscar down, and maybe even start giving him supplements. Our pets are part of our family and it’s important to make sure they are being well taken care of like everyone else. Or if you’re like me, you might take better care of your pets than you do yourself.

Here’s 6 tips to make sure your pet is healthy:

1: Make that vet exam if you haven’t yet. Sure your pet looks great, is eating and running around as usual, but why not make sure? As pets get older there can be conditions that arise that may need some extra TLC and a vet exam is a good way to catch these before they become big problems. Preventative care is often easier and cheaper than emergency care.

2: While at the vet, get your pet’s vaccines updated and if your pet is in his golden years, ask about a “senior profile.” This is a test that checks various parts of your pet’s internal organs and functions. It’ll let you know if there’s anything out of the ordinary.

3: If you’ve not done it yet, spay or neuter your pet! If you haven’t you’re missing out on some health benefits. Unspayed dogs have a higher risk of contracting uterine and breast cancer and unneutered males have a risk of testicular cancer.

4: Keep an emergency kit for your pet in case something ever happens. Pet carriers should be in a place that is easy to access like a closet near the front door. An extra leash and collar with a set of tags should be kept somewhere safe as well. Know where you emergency vet hospital is, where you can go with your pet in case you ever need to evacuate your home, and update that microchip information!

5: Check the labels on the food you’re feeding and talk to your vet to see if the quality of the food is good enough. Your vet may recommend another brand, another type, or a prescription type of food to maximize your pet’s health.

6: Supplements might be something to consider for the well being of your pet. Some additional nutrition can boost the immune system or help focus on a specific condition. Fish oil or glucosamine can help joints. Talk to your vet about what might be best for your pet.

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