Need to Shed a Few Pounds?

Now that the weather is warming up, it might be time to shed those winter pounds. Not yours. Well, maybe yours but also your pet’s “winter weight.” While some dogs and cats may not have a problem with weather changes and exercise, other pets end up gaining a few pounds from being inside more and the weather preventing a good ol’ game of fetch from happening. If your pet could stand to lose a few pounds, here’s some tips to help.

  • Get outside: Taking your dog outside and go for a jog, play games of chase, and burn those calories. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, outdoor enclosures allow cats to run, roam, prance and pounce freely in fresh air while keeping them safe from cars, other animals, and prevent them from hunting birds.
  • Be consistent: Set exercise goals for your pet and establish a consistent routine. A moderate level of exercise each and every day is key. Keep a set of toys around and spend a few minutes a day playing, 15 to 20 minutes can be enough, but be consistent.
  • Get the blood pumping: While a leisurely stroll with your dog is better than no exercise at all, a fast-paced walk will elevate the dog’s heart rate, and turn calories into fuel. A multi-story cat climber will get your cat moving and pumping blood faster than sitting on the couch.
  • Meal times: Feed your pet using a measuring cup so that you know exactly how much food they’re consuming each day. Also, keep multiple pets away from each other’s food. And most importantly, no more food scraps from the table.

Image from Dr. Sophia Yin

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