Ninja Cat: Amazing Physical Facts About Cats

Does your cat perform amazing feats such as opening the kitchen cabinet and opening the jar of catnip? Does he often sit on surfaces above your head and stealthily spy on you? Do you think he’s plotting world domination?

He might be.

Your cat has physical traits that are unique to him and make him to be a perfectly working machine that can taste, smell, and move with criminal grace. Their whiskers, eyes, feet, and muscle structure make them agile, quick, and extremely responsive to external stimuli which keeps them safe and also a step ahead of us all the time.

Here’s 6 amazing physical traits about cats:

1: The whiskers – known as vibrissae, or tactile hairs, grow along the cheeks, eyebrows, and on the backs of the front legs. They are twice as thick as their fur and surrounded by nerves and blood vessels. They are a cat’s tool to measure how wide openings are before they slink through them and also help express a cat’s mood.

2: Jacobson’s Organ – this is a special organ on the top of their mouth that helps a cat sniff out something like another cat, prey, and learn about a new item in their environment. They are taking in all the smells to learn about it.

3: Bones – humans have 206, cats have 230 with 30 vertebrae (5 more than humans) and no true collarbone. The lack of a collarbone allows cats to squeeze through tight spaces once their whiskers have helped them measure the width. 10% of a cat’s bones are in their tail.

4: Vision – A cat’s field of vision is about 186 degrees, which is far superior to ours. That’s one of the reasons you can’t sneak up on a cat.

5: Feet – Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four toes on each back paw. The footpad absorbs shock when cats land which is why they can jump from great heights and not seem to feel any jolts or pain.

6: Muscles – cats have 500 skeletal muscles, humans have 650. Their ears contain 32 muscles that control the movements and allows them to rotate them 180 degrees at a speed that is about 10 times faster than a dog.


2 thoughts on “Ninja Cat: Amazing Physical Facts About Cats

  1. I have four amazing felines right now. One, in particular is a very talented athlete. He jumps to the tops of doors and into the cabinet over the fridge from a stationary spot on the floor. He enjoys tightrope walking and ladder-climbing. I taught them all how to climb rung ladders as kittens and to hang on to rope. They live near water and needed to know how to get out.
    Another one of my cats is a door opener. Nothing is safe from his inspection.
    A lot of people claim that their cats sleep all the time. Not mine. They do sleep, but they are also very active.

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