No More Bones! Safe Chew Toys for Dogs

As much as dogs seem to love chewing on bones, there are hidden dangers about letting them chomp and chomp on them. Even though many of us know that chicken bones are bad because of how they can splinter, we may believe that other types of bones are ok to give our pups, but all bones are bad according to Dr. Karen Halligan.

All bones can leave shards and pieces in the intestines that can tear, irritate, and become lodged causing major problems. In an article posted on the VPI website, bones can break the teeth of dogs and also harbor bacteria and salmonella. Boiling bones may kill some of the bacteria but the way bones break when chewed by dogs can still leave sharp edges that can irritate the stomach and intestinal tracts.

According to Halligan, thereโ€™s not one bone out there that is completely safe in any given circumstance. All pet owners should talk with their vet to find safer chew toys, supplements, and diets.

If your dog loves to chomp on bones, it may be time to switch to a safer alternative.

Here are 3 alternatives to bones

  1. Kong Medium EXTREME GOODIE BONE – a tough, long lasting alternative to bones that is sure to keep your chewer busy and happy. Easy to clean and made by a trusted company.
  2. Mercola Dental Bones – a safe alternative that is made from brown rice. Mercola is one of the many companies that offer healthy treats and supplements for dogs because they love and own them too!
  3. Durable Bacon Bone Dog Chew Toy – this is made by Nylabone and designed for strong chewers. The bacon flavor is infused throughout the whole bone so even as your pup slowly chews and destroys this bone, it’ll have flavor and continue to keep him/her interested in it.

Image from Pet Insurance

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