Norris, the Cat Burglar

I have a few friends who use cat doors, allowing their cats to come and go as they please. Sometimes, their cats have brought home strange things and dragged it through the cat door like twigs, a scared chipmunk, and things of that nature.

Norris, is a cat who lives in the UK and also likes to bring home things. But these things belong to other people, like towels, socks, pants, and t-shirts. The owners said when Norris was little he would bring home things he’d find in the recycling bins and that was harmless. But he upped his game and started raiding the neighbors’ clothing lines and porches. He has even taken to breaking into their houses and bring home items he finds interesting.

“He was perfectly well behaved up until the age of one, then he started to a turn to a life of petty crime,” says his owner, Richard.

Norris’s owners have had to write letters to their neighbors letting them know that they have some of their items and that their cat is the culprit. Fortunately, all the neighbors have been good sports and think it is funny and they also know where to go if they can’t find a pair of gloves, their bra, or other items.

I have friends who have told me that they’ve come home and found a neighbor’s cat in their house that entered through their cat door. It’s funny but also a surprise.

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Does your cat ever bring home items that belong to someone else? Tell us! We’d love to know.

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