NY: Senate Passes a Bill To Improve Pet Store Animals

Earlier this week the New York Senate passed a bill that will ensure that the health and safety of animals sold in pet stores is monitored and anti-cruelty laws will be enforced. This is a great win for those who have been lobbying for stronger anti-cruelty laws and the welfare of animals. Many pets purchased from pet stores are from puppy mills and puppy farms. The pets often require extra medical attention or suffer from problems from over-breeding and poor nutrition.

Dogs and cats that are sold by pet stores sometimes receive no exercise or very little, have none to little veterinary care, and are unprotected from diseases. The bill provides improved standards of the care that pet dealers must uphold until the animals are sold. Ideally, this will force pet store businesses to place pressure on the breeders that they acquire the animals from or look for better and healthier pets to sell.

The legislation will provide that any licensed dealer must do the following:

1: Designate a vet to care for the animals at the facility who is available for emergency care, weekend and holiday care, and regular visits.

2: Develop a statement of procedures that adhere to the prevention of diseases and injuries among the pets in their facility.

3: Provide an isolation area for animals that exhibiting signs of sickness and may be contagious.

4: Designate an employee who will observe animals daily and assess their health and well-being.

5: Maintain an exercise plan for dogs and cats.

6: Vaccinate animals in their according to state and local laws.

7: Not sell any animals that has been diagnosed with a congenital condition or contagious disease.

Pet stores that do not have a isolation ward, an exercise pen or place, and do not have a vet will have to revamp and meet all these requirements in order to continue selling animals. The bill now will go the Governor for his consideration. If you want to help, give the NY Governor’s office a call and let them know that S7268A should be passed for the sake of animals and sake of the owners. This is a step in the right direction towards better breeding standards, better care, and raising that our pets are not just consumer goods.

Contacts information:

(518) 474-8390

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor of New York State

NYS State Capitol Building

Albany, NY 12224


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