NYC: Are You Ready For a Dog Cafe?

Dog cafes can be found in other countries. People go and buy coffee and can go into a partitioned part of a cafe to play and pet dogs. Just like the cat cafes we’ve seen popping up in some cities. A team has recently started a campaign to raise money to open a dog cafe in NYC. At the time of this article, the fund raising efforts were still under way.

According to the team, after a trip to Puerto Rico, the idea of a dog cafe was started after spending days running to stray dogs and wanting to find a way to help dogs who need forever homes. They also visited dog cafes in South Korea and know how it feels to be able to pet a dog after a long day at work.

The dream of a dog cafe in NYC is two-fold: 1: fun for the people who love dogs and may not have one because of apartment size, lifestyle, or maybe do have a dog but want to play with other dogs too and 2: help shelter dogs get more exposure to the general public and find forever homes.

The funding ended on February 21, 2015. They didn’t hit their projected amount of $70,000 but they are still working to raise money to move onto the next steps of leasing space, renovating, and opening a great space for dogs and people alike. To learn more about the Dog Cafe team, check out their page.

It would be awesome to see this dream become a reality!

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