Pet Friendly Hotels in San Fran

Taking a break? Or traveling for work to San Francisco? If you’re taking your best buddy with you and need a place to stay, check out these pet friendly hotels. Some of them offer pet services and others are no frills and just ask that your dog be well-behaved and not be destructive or hostile towards strangers.

Argonaut Hotel
495 Jefferson Street

The Argonaut Hotel is a pet friendly hotel that has no weight restriction or limit on the number of pets per room. So your Great Dane and St. Bernard are 100% welcome to stay with you! The hotel does require that all pets be up to date with vaccines and that when making a reservation you let them know that there will pets accompanying you. There are amenities available for your pet as well such as dog walking, toys, and food. The hotel is located on the waterfront and is a four story brick building that covers half of the block. You can take your pups for a stroll and look out to the ocean every morning. Chances are your dog might get spoiled by the dog treats that the staff tend to carry in their pockets!

Rates start at $219 and there is no additional pet fee.

Serrano Hotel
405 Taylor Street

The Serrano Hotel is a beautiful 1920s Spanish colonial style hotel that has over 200 rooms and welcomes pets. There is no weight restriction or additional pet fee. Please call them and let them know you’re bringing a pet or pets with you when you make the reservation. They have no limit to the number of pets per room and offer some extra amenities such as dog walking, toys, and treats. Bring a copy of the vaccination records with you so they know that your pets are up to date and don’t forget the doggy bags. This hotel is located in the downtown area of San Fran. The closest park is about a ½ mile away.

Rates start at $125 a night with no additional pet fee.

Beresford Hotel
635 Sutter Street

The Beresford Hotel is pet friendly with no restrictions on weight or limit of the number of pets you bring. It’s a family owned hotel and offers great meals at the White Horse Restaurant located right in the hotel. You and your pup won’t be too far away from the waterfront but be prepared for busy sidewalks while your dog tries to do her business. The neighborhood is bustling. When making your reservation let them know you are bringing pets.

Rates start at $90 a night and they take AAA.


2 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Hotels in San Fran

  1. It sounds like these places are pet friendly for dogs, with no problem. But what about cats? We’ve found that some places advertise “pet friendly” but have a prejudice against cats.

  2. It seems more people travel with dogs than cats. But if you are moving or driving and have your cat – call ahead and let them know that you have a cat. Most hotels seem to be nervous about a cat clawing the upholstery or urinating outside the litter box. Since cat urine is more concentrated than dog urine, it can cause more damage. I’d recommend always calling ahead and double checking as policies change from time to time.

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