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There are tons of names to choose from when naming your new pet. Some are pretty normal ilke Max or Sadie while others are more outlandish like Dizzie or Sir Toots A Lot. So how can you find a good name for you pet, the right name, that will match the personality of your new buddy and be easy for him/her to learn?

One way to start figuring out a name for your pet is to think about the type of name you want. Do you want a human name? A made up name? Or a silly name? People mostly name their pets human names or after the pet’s appearance and personality. An active dog might be named Comet and a black cat might be named Midnight for example.

Tips for deciding on that right name:

1: Pick a name that pet can easily recognize. Keep the name to one or two syllables.

2: Choose a name that’s easy to call out and are ok with saying out in public. Calling your dog Ruby might be less embarrassing than calling Humper and saying “Humper! Come!”

3: Avoid names that sound similar to a command. Stout is too close to Out. If you tell your dog to get out of a room or area, he may think you’re calling him and not leave. Joe might be too close to No.

4: If you name your pet a long name, have a nickname for when you call your pet or consider a shortened version. Your cat may be called Sir Furball on his vet papers and microchip registration but you may want to call him Furry at home.

5: Wait a few days to study your pet to see if there’s a name that just fits the personality. A playful cat could be named Perky or a lumpy dog could be called Snooze.

6: Pick a name that will grow with the pet. If you let your kids name the pet, discourage names like Kitten since the kitten will eventually become a cat.

Here are some of the more common names for pets:












One thought on “Pet Names

  1. when i adopted my bro/sis dynamic due, my girl was called chloe and her brother was called lance. they were known by these names for the 3 weeks they were being treated for parvo and my girl for a shattered pelvis. when i got to the new horizon animal hospital in st.clairsville, oh and the wonderful staff brought me to their cages to meet them…(oh, jeez, Kleenex time!) lance came barrelling out kissed and hugged me then ran to his baby sis’ cage and flopped in front! when they opened her cage, he gently helped her out and did a twice over with his nose and heart. they have been inseparable since they were tossed out like refuse in the mountains of W. Va. in the middle of winter. they will never be separated again. Lance is now Chance (as in Sir Chance A Lot) and Chloe is now Zoey (Life in Greek). Names can be majikal!!

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