Pet Parrot Helps Solve Burglary-Murder

It’s not a mystery novel, it’s real life. In an article in People, a pet parrot helped detectives and family members figure out who broke into a home and stabbed the dog and woman who lived there. Hercule, the parrot, lives in Agra, India and is the beloved pet of Vijay. In Feb Vijay’s wife and pet dog were found murdered and the police were unsure who burglarized the home until the parrot began lending clues.

Whenever Vijay’s nephew came over, Hercule would screech and become disgruntled. Vijay also noticed that whenever his nephew’s name was mentioned in conversations, the parrot would also become agitated and screech. Vijay contacted the police and let them know of the strange behavior.

Police questioned the nephew. The nephew confessed to the crime and has been arrested.

It’s an amazing story and shows just how smart our pets can be. To read the rest of the story check out the page on People.

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