Pet Shops in Boston, Massachusetts


Boston, Massachusetts, aka Bean Town, is a major city of New England, a thus a great shopping center for natives and visitors from all around. It is a pet-friendly city, so it contains many great pet shops. It is a good place to shop for a dog sweaters, as inhabitants of this city sure know the winter and cold weather!

Four Pretty Paws

This Beacon Hill store accompanies the preppy style in Boston. Four Preppy Paws makes personalized dog collars, with cute patterns or your dog’s name embroidered onto the appropriate size. There are different background options, like Plaid or Gingham. They also make designer dog leashes, that come in 4 foot or 6 foot measurements, as well as designer harnesses. For humans, they have keychains and water totes.They donate some proceeds to the Underdog ResQ, Breast Cancer Initiatives and Puppies Behind Bars.

Pet Shop

This store sells cat, dog, fish, bird and reptile supplies. Some examples of products include hay for small animals, Solid Gold dog and cat foods, as well as filters, heaters and ornaments for fish. They also sell fish, birds, reptiles and small animals as pets. It is located in Allston, Massachusetts.

Skipton Pet Center

This shop offers a wide variety of pet products. Some examples include pet beds and furniture, collars and leashes, feeders and waterers, and more. They have a wide variety of dog and cat food and toys.

The Pet Cabaret

This store is an independent pet supply store located in Rolsindale Village, Massachusetts. It specializes in natural and organic food and treats for dogs, cats, birds and more. They offer some homoepathic medicine equipment, such as supplements and herbal and flower remedies. They also offer quality food, as well as dog beds, toys, collars and leashes.


Polka Dog Bakery

This store is located in the South End of Boston. They offer products like healthy cookies that come in assorted flavors, or a bag of bones for chew toys. They even have apparel for humans, if you happen to be really proud of shopping there. Very expensive, but can be saved for special occasions.

Animal Spirit

This store is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It offers many different types of dog foods, as well as leashes, collars, cat carriers, cages and much more. It has treats of all sorts. It is small but well-stocked, and enjoyable!

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