Pet Stores and Salons in Greensboro, North Carolina


Greensboro, North Carolina, has all sorts of lovely local places for cats and dogs. If you are looking for interesting products for your pet, or need to have it groomed or boarded, these places have much to offer!

All Pets Considered

This nicely stocked store features all sorts of items for cats and dogs. They feature cat nip toys, luxury dog beds (and ones that heat up!), training treats and designer collars. There are also products for humans, such as talking stuffed animals and dog figurines. For travelers, they have a selection of car accessories for dogs. If you really love your dog, you can buy DVDs designed for canines! Of course they have practical items, like stain removal and first aid.

Greensboro Pet Spa & Resort

This place offers personalized dog and cat boarding, day care, a dog park, professional grooming and pet training. The boarding services range in price according to the size of your pet; you can even drop your dog off for day care. Grooming services also go according to size, and they offer bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, shave downs, grooming patterns and more. The private dog park operates on certain hours for large and small dogs; you must show proof of vaccination. If you want to shop, they sell a variety of dog food and treats, as well as grooming supplies, toys, leashes and flea control.

Friendly Pets

Friendly Pets offers people all sorts of pets and products. They have pet beds that were hand made in Greensboro, that come in all sorts of fleece patterns and sizes. They also have locally made peace-sign collars for dogs. They sell puppies, kittens, small animals, birds, reptiles, fish, and supplies for all of the respective animals.

Downtown Hownds

This is a newer business in downtown Greensboro, which is a dog daycare, salon and boutique. They offer dogs pampering with fancy products, and have services like facials and paw pedicures. They have nice spa treatments, such as a fresh facial scrub, a fresh bubble bath and a nourish conditioner. Downtown Hounds offers all sorts of grooming services, like shampooing, clipping and shaving. Some of them are very practical, like De-Bug, Anti-Itch and De-Shed. The staff massages your dog during the grooming treatment, and dry it off with warm towels. They even have boarding and daycare services.

Nanhall Pet Spa and Grooming

This is a fancy spot, which offers grooming, daycare, boarding, personal training, a boutique and education services. The shop offers exquisite indulgences, like quality dog clothes, collars, toys and beds. They also offer dog-themed jewelery for humans. The dog daycare is very nice, as it has a grassy play area, a pool for hot days, four poster beds and climate control. Guests are allowed to bring their own supplies from home, such as food, toys and treats. They also have a cat boarding area, which features relaxing music, benches and personal litter boxes. They offer different grooming styles for dogs of all ages and sizes.

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  1. Great listing. My family and I often come here first when we need supplies or services for our little girl. Thank you for putting this together.