Pet Stores and Services Around Saint Petersburg, Florida

Saint Petersburg, Florida, is a city full of many different cute dog boutiques and salons. There are also stores that sell products for all sorts of animals, and other ones centered around aquariums.

Doggy Doos Pet Salon & Boutique

This place is a grooming salon that also sells natural dog foods, organic treats, cute dog beds and other special products.

Animal House

The Animal House Pet Centers has two locations in Saint Petersburg. Both of these businesses are locally and family owned, and are nevertheless huge pet stores. They sell food and supplies for cats, dogs, birds, small animals and reptiles. Both stores sell tropical fish and supplies, and the 34th street location also sells freshwater fish; the 34th street store also offers dog grooming. Both locations sell a variety of feeder animals, such as fish, crickets, mealworms and rodents.

Pawsitively Posh Pooch

Pawsitively Posh Pooch is an interesting and indulgent dog and cat boutique. They carry clothing for dogs that is meant to resemble Chanel’s Closet, from plaid to lace. This place even offers a Yappy Hour event each Thursday evening, with wine and fancy, organic snacks and treats. One section of the Pawsitively Posh Pooch is the Parisian Bistro, which sellsย  several healthy treats and snacks for cats and dogs. This boutique also has a grooming salon that uses top-quality products, and offers things like aromatherapy cologne, nail trimming and blow drying. They can also host dog birthday parties.

Rockin’ Reef

Rockin’ Reef is mostly centered around live rock, but they also carry fish, invertebrates and corals for personal aquariums. This store also sells products for such marine ecosystems, like fish food, pumps and plant care.

Orvee’s Pet Center

Orvee’s Pet Center is a retail shop and dog grooming salon. They sell natural and holistic pet foods, along with small animals, fish and reptiles.

Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique

The Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique has a few expert stylists that groom all sorts of dogs, and can also provide specialty services like facial scrubs and dental packages. They sell name-brand dog foods, along with delicious iced treats, bulk treats and dog birthday cakes.

One Lucky Dog

One Lucky Dog is a unique dog boutique that strives to be the most “extensive and upbeat” one in the Tampa Bay area.

Their boutique section sells specialty beds, feeders, leashes, collars, toys, shampoos and carrying cases. They also sell holistic dog foods, as well as natural, locally baked cat and dog treats. This business also has a grooming salon that offers different rates for different breeds of dogs.

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