Pet Stores and Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

People who live around Winston-Salem, or are just visiting the area, should take a look at the variety of local pet stores in the region. There are a few local dog bakeries, some grooming services, as well as stores that specialize in birds or fish, and even an artist group that paints pet portraits.

Maw and Paw’s Pets

Maw and Paw’s Pets is a lovely local pet store that caters to all kinds of animals. They carry lots of premium dog foods, which are all natural and high-protein, free of corn, wheat and soy. They also carry canine treats, toys and other useful products. There is also a selection of cat foods that are based around actual meat and not cheap fillers, along with treats and toys. Maw and Paw’s also claims to have the widest selection of exotic pets for sale in the area, and of course food, treats, toys and cages for such creatures. They also sell a wide variety of birds, reptiles, fish and food and products for all of them.

Best Friendz

Best Friendz is a dog bakery and boutique. They do full-service grooming and styling for dogs, and even offer a mobile grooming service. They bake a variety of dog treats and dog birthday cakes.

Pampered Pup Grooming Shop

This dog salon uses all-natural pet products without pesticides. They groom small and medium dogs up to 40 lbs, and offer services like ear cleaning, nail trimming, bathing, skim examination, trimming and more.


This bird store has lots of birds like canaries, cockatiels, African Greys, Amazons, parrots, macaws, Parakeets and others. They also sell a variety of bird feed, toys and cages.

Jimmydog Design Group

The Jimmydog Design Group is a pair that specializes in professional custom pet portraits. They work on these portraits off of pet photographs.

K-9 Doggie Bakery and Boutique

This store offers some quality baked goods for dogs, as well as regular dog foods. They also sell dog cages, collars, toys, leashes and other canine accessories.

Lil Lovin Pets

Lil Lovin Pets is located in Walkertown, North Carolina. They sell a variety of small animals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and shelter, food and supplies for such animals.

Aquarium Center of North Carolina

This store is located in Kernersville, North Carolina. They sell a variety of fresh and saltwater fish, and aquariums and supplies. The staff offers a variety of aquarium services, such as installation, maintenance and consultations.

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