Pet Stores Around Albany, Georgia

The area of Albany and Leesburg in Georgia has a wide variety of pet stores, grooming services, aquarium shops and boarding facilities.

Seaview Aquariums

Seaview Aquariums is full of everything to do with aquariums, filters, lights, tropical fish and corals. They also sell custom tanks, and do aquarium set-up, services and maintenance. This store also offers accessories to individualize your personal aquarium.

A Cut Above Pet Salon

A Cut Above Pet Salon is one of the oldest grooming Salons in Albany, and they offer services like shampoos, deep conditioning treatments, flea baths and medicated baths. They are also a full service styling salon that can do all sorts of breeds’ haircuts, as well as de-shedding.

Atlas Aquarium

Atlas Aquarium is a family owned and operated aquarium store that has been open since 1983. They specialize in marine aquariums and ponds. They sell things like pond plants, koi, goldfish, filtration devices, lighting, skimmers, pumps, supplements and more.

Ivey’s Outdoor & Farm Supply

Ivey’s Outdoor & Farm Supply is mainly a feed store, but they do have a pet selection of products like dog houses and flea control.

Albany Pet Nanny

Based out of Leesburg, Georgia, the Albany Pet Nanny offers dog walking, petting, playing, feeding, medicine, companionship, leash walking, pet errands, basic obedience and potty breaks. They also offer a pet taxi, if a pet needs to be dropped off for an appointment. They are licensed and insured.

Magnolia Pet Resort & Spa

Magnolia Pet Resort & Spa is situated in Lessburg, Georgia, and they are a new overnight boarding facility that offers ample grooming services. They have different grooming rates depending on the size and breed of the dog, and they offer bath, nail trim and other options. They have different types of overnight boarding for dogs and cats.

Smart Dog Stuff

Smart Dog Stuff is located in Leesburg, Georgia, and is mostly based around selling natural, holistic and homeopathic foods, treats and supplements for dogs. They also sell a variety of toys, along with dog eyewear, backpacks, jewelery, party collars and other fun accessories. Shoppers can also find a selection of unique collars, grooming products, leashes and clothing, an addition to beds and dishes.

Smart Dog Stuff also sells its own brand, Puppy University.

B&L Pets

B&L Pets is located in Sycamore, Georgia, and sells a variety of small breed puppies, particularly Shih Tzus, Yorkies, Maltese and others.

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