Pet Stores Around Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a wide selection of interesting local pet stores to shop at, whether you are looking to buy corals, shampoo your dog or have a custom pet door installed at your home!

Clark’s Pet Emporium

Clark’s Pet Emporium has been around Albuquerque for over 30 years, and has two open locations. They sell premium, name-brand cat and dog foods, along with cat and dog care products, like shampoos, beds, first aid supplies, collars and leashes. Clark’s Pet Emporium also offers a variety of fish, along with aquariums, pond plants and maintenance items. This store also sells birds, reptiles, small animals and an array of food and supplies for all these beloved pets.

Fish n Critters

Fish n Critters has been in the area since 1976, and they sell fish, reptiles, small animals and birds of all kinds. They provide supplies for their prospective animals, and can do some maintenance for aquariums and ponds.

Critters Pet Store

Critters Pet Store is a full-service pet shop that sells a variety of pets. Some of the more interesting ones include sugar gliders, hedgehogs and turtles. They also sell food and pet supplies like bowls for every type of animal, pet bedding, cages, lights, toys and treats.

Pet Vet Market

The Pet Vet Market has a do-it-yourself dog wash, that has set up professional tubs and a selection of fancy shampoos. The price for this service depends on the size of the dog. They also sell pet food, flea/tick treatments, treats and grooming supplies.

Southwest Reef Company

The Southwest Reef Company is a very developed aquarium store, and they sell useful gadgets like propeller pumps, as well as very specific lighting bulbs and fixtures. This store also has interesting creatures for sale, ranging from fish to corals to seahorses.

Long Leash on Life

Long Leash on Life has lots of resources for providing healthy lives to cats and dogs. They sell foods that can be raw, dehydrated, freeze-dried, holistic, natural, organic and/or refrigerated. There is also a wide selection of pet supplements, as well as products like collars, leashes, toys, bowls, gifts, grooming supplies, treats, gifts and training equipment. This store also sometimes puts on special events.

Doggie Door Door Company

The Doggie Door Door Company offers pet door sales and installations. They can build these pet doors into all sorts of surfaces and different types of entrances, be it French doors or windows. In addition to doors, they also carry beds, doormats, leashes, harnesses, collars, travel gear and safety equipment for pets.


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