Pet Stores Around Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, has no shortage of local pet stores. Many of them sell the best-quality food for cats and dogs, and others have a wide selection of aquarium fish and other creatures.

Only Natural Pet Store

The Only Natural Pet Store claims to have to largest selection of natural pet supplies in Boulder. In addition to pet foods, they carry a number of holistic remedies, vitamins and supplements for health or for special conditions pets may have. There is also a variety of treats, whether baked or made out of meat. Their pet supplies section includes collars, leashes, cat furniture, outdoor gear, eco-friendly hard goods, toys and beds.

Aqua Imports

Aqua Imports is full of supplies for fish, corals, dogs, cats and reptiles. They can provide aquarium services for the Boulder/Denver metro area. Their livestock section is complete with freshwater and saltwater fish, along with invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.

Whole Pets

Whole Pets is a store that offers healthy, natural foods for pets like cats, dogs and small animals. These foods are wholesome, and free of preservactives and by-products. This store also sells organic pet treats, beds, collars, leashes and toys.

Farfel’s Farm

Farfel’s Farm is a retail store on Pearl Street in Boulder that sells a variety of items for dogs and cats, such as dog-breed specific products, toys, bowls, leashes, collars, treats and products made right in town. They also have an on-site photography studio where they can take pictures of pets.

PCs Pantry for Dogs and Cats

PCs Pantry for Dogs and Cats has a bakery that bakes fresh pet biscuits daily, and cats and dogs are allowed to come in and pick out a treat. They have various flavors, like cheese, pumpkin, graham cracker and mint. Their pet deli bakes meat biscuits and meat loaves daily as well. If it is your dog’s birthday, they can also bake “Barkday Cakes,” flavored like liver, chicken, turkey, salmon or beef. This store also sells gifts for humans and pets, pet food and practical supplies like bowls and leashes.

Dog City LLC

Dog City is mainly a dog daycare and overnight boarding service business. Their facilities are cageless and supervised by trained staff. This place also provides grooming services, that can include shampooing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and blow drying. They have some other services like dog walking and occasional training programs. The retail part of Dog City sells premium foods, collars and leashes.

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