Pet Stores Around Irvine, California


There are plenty of great pet stores and grooming places in and around Irvine, California. Many of the stores sell puppies, and some have grooming services. There are also stores that specialize in nutrition products, or help you set up and maintain your home aquarium.

The Doggie Spa

Irvine, California

This dog spa calls itself the “OC’s Premier Self & Full Service Dog Wash.” It is a chain around in OC that has been open since 2000, aiming to provide a clean, safe, friendly environment for dog washing. They have the option of leaving the dog to be washed by the trained staff, or use tubs where you can wash your dog yourself. For self service, they offer warm water, blow dryers, aprons, shampoo, brushes and towels. They offer some retail products as well.


Irvine, California

This store specializes in cat and dog nutrition and products. They include cat and dog foods, treats, supplements, toys, luxury goods and accessories. The Irvine store has been open since 2004, and it is located in the Quail Hill Village Shopping Center. Read what they have to say about Pet Nutrition.


Puppy Shop Boys

Costa Mesa, California

This store sells a variety of puppies, especially small ones, like Pomeranians, Yorkies and Maltese. They also have great grooming facilities with professionals. They offer an extensive array of products for sale, including collars, eye wear, gates, carriers, training supplies, dishes, beds, flea treatment, chewing toys, clothes, food, exercise pens and more. This spot is mostly geared towards smaller and toy breeds of dogs.

Pet City

Costa Mesa, California

This store has five locations in Southern California. They have many available puppies at the Costa Mesa location. They also offer pet supplies and food for all sorts of animals, and some other services.

Puppies N Guppies

Tustin, California

Whether you’re into dogs or fish, this store offers some great services and supplies. Puppies N Guppies has puppies that go up for adoption on certain days. They also have an array of frozen fish and coral supplements. They have services for aquarium maintenance, like tank set up, clean up, water delivery and vacation service. There are even dog walking and pet sitting services!

Pet Supply

Fountain Valley, California

This store offers products for cats, dogs, birds, fish, small animals and reptiles. They also have locations in Huntington Beach and Trabuco Canyon, California.

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