Pet Stores Around Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri has a wide variety of stores for necessary and indulgent pet shopping. Some of the stores offer foods for specialized diets, while others have a plethora of exotic animals for sale.

Brothers Pet Store

Brothers Pet Store is a popular pet store in Kansas City, offering food and other products for all types of different pets. Their fish section of full of saltwater, freshwater and pond fish and merchandise; there is also a corals and invertebrates section. For those who want to pick up a new friend, they sell reptiles, exotic birds, puppies and kittens.

Brookside Barkery and Bath

The Brookside Barkery and Bath is full of holistic and natural pet foods, some of which are raw frozen, natural dry, freeze dried and canned. They also offer self-service grooming stations for washing and drying your pet, which consist of stainless-steel tubs, silicone-free shampoos, blow dryers, grooming tools and towels. This business is also involved in some pet-related events in the area.

City Pets and Ponds

City Pets and Ponds is a pet store located in historic Westport, and is a new store that has been around since 2006. They have a selection of dog and cat foods, feeder animals, reptiles, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, birds and small animals. They also offer grooming services for cats and dogs of all size.

Miles of Exotics

Miles of Exotics is full of lovely warm-blooded cold-blooded creatures and supplies for them. They have a few different breeds of snakes available for periods at a time, such as corn snakes, milk snakes, pythons, king snakes and boas. They also usually have an availability of reptiles and other creatures, from lizards, tortoises, frogs, crabs, tarantulas and scorpions. This store even sells a variety of furry and feathered friends, like rabbits, guinea pigs and cockatiels. Those who are into fish should check out their freshwater room and saltwater room.

Land of Paws

Land of Paws is an indulgent store full of stylish pet products. They have luxury cat and dog supplies, toys, treats, apparel, accessories and other fancy boutique items.

Barkville Pet Boutique

Barkville Pet Boutique is located in Parkville, Missouri. They are a clean store that lets you walk in and shop with your pets. They sell a variety of toys and brand-name food for dogs, and some food, treats, toys, collars, beds, litter and accessories for cats.

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