Pet Stores Around Salinas, California

Lots of great chain and local pet stores are in business around Salinas, California. Shoppers have several options to buy premium cat and dog food, aquarium supplies or pet travel accessories. There is also a dog boarding ranch!

Pet Fun at Harden Ranch Plaza

Pet Fun is a big discount pet store that has had over 30 years of experience. They claim to have the biggest selection of pet food and products in Salinas. This store carries aquariums and fish supplies, as well as products for birds, small animals, reptiles, amphibians, cats and dogs. They also sell books and gifts for pet owners.

Highway 68 Pets

Highway 68 Pets a local, family-owned store that provides wholesome food for cats and dogs. They cater to pets’ diets that are raw, grain-free and natural. This store also sells healthy treats, supplements, bathing products and toys.

Happy Dog Food

Happy Dog Food is a store that sells premium dog foods without any artificial preservatives, flavors, filler or coloring. Their foods are natural, have lots of enzymes and are fully digestible.

Oceans Above

Oceans Above is full of assorted fish, aquariums, fish tanks and aquarium systems. They can assist their customers with their freshwater and saltwater tanks. Some things this store carries include rocks, sand, decorations, filters, conditioners, medications, gravel and protein skimmers.

Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort

The Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort is a dog hotel and recreation center  situated located on almost three acres. This resort features a wide-open private dog park, community play areas and comfy overnight rooms. They have a separate area for smaller dogs, and can also board cats. Dogs can also be groomed by professional groomers before they are picked up by their owners.

Posh Pets

Located in Pacific Grove, California, Posh Pets is full of natural pet foods and treats, plush pet beds, fancy collars, stylish leashes and toys for cats, dogs and rabbits. They also sell gifts for animals and people. This store is also involved in activities like vaccination clinics and adoption events.

Diggity Dog

Diggity Dog is a boutique for cats and dogs in Carmel, California. They carry items like pet clothing, beds, bones, bowls, baked goods and toys. They also sell travel accessories like pet carriers and different car seats.

Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express is a chain store that has a location in Carmel. They sell lots of different pet foods and accessories, and also network for pet adoptions.

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