Pet Stores Around Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa, California, has some great pet stores that are set up to cater to specific animals like birds or fish. There are also a number of nice grooming salons, boarding places and general supply stores for pets in the area.

Bird Exchange

Bird Exchange claims to hold the largest selection of exotic birds in Northern California. The staff can help shoppers pick out birds, whether they are new or experienced owners. They have some hand-fed baby birds raised in the store, with species like macaws, finches, quails, red lorries, conures, doves and others. This huge building also is stocked with cages, toys, perches, cups, books, stands and brand-name bird foods.

For those who have farms, this is also the location for the Honkey Donkey Farm, which breeds and sells miniature Sicilian donkeys.

Animal Farm Self Services Dog Wash

This is a friendly store that offers stations for people to wash and dry their different types of dogs. They also sell food and other retail products.

Caesar’s Tropical Fish Factory

Caesar’s Tropical Fish Factory is dedicated to ponds and aquariums. Their staff can assist customers with something big like helping design a pond, or something small like picking up new fish foods. They are a great place to buy a new aquarium, as they sell many different glass and Plexiglass tanks, along with aquarium stands and canopies. There are 100 freshwater tanks that sell lots of fish and invertebrates, and saltwater tanks that are full of exotic fish, crabs and starfish.

Pet Club Food and Supplies

Pet Club Food and Supplies is a chain out of the Bay Area that just opened a location in Santa Rosa. They sell a high volume of pet products and offer weekly specials.

Posh Pets Salon and Boutique

Posh Pets Salon and Boutique is designed for fancy dogs and cats. They offer bathing, trimming and grooming services, and offer some interesting items for sale.

Northbay Aquatics

Northbay Aquatics is located in Cotati, California, and they specialize in marine fish, invertebrates, corals, live rock, freshwater and saltwater fish. They also sell a variety of reptiles.

Boardwalk Pet Village

This place is situated on two acres in Rohnert Park, California. They are a boarding and grooming business that offers care 24/7 with luxury suites and condos. The dogs can enjoy playing with frisbee and other toys, as well as the giant runs, walk times and therapy. The cats are separated into their own part.

There is also a retail section that sells very practical pet supplies like foods, chews, beds and flea treatment. They can groom cats, dogs and even parrots!

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