Pet Stores Around Southern Illinois

There is a variety of pet stores around Southern Illinois, that range from chain stores, to groomers, to specialty stores to bulk stores.

Fish Tales Pet Shop

Marion, Illinois

This is a family owned pet shop in the Illinois Central Mall, which has been open 17 years. They even have an activity room for parties and pottery activities for kids, which anyone can reserve.

The Barking Lot

Marion, Illinois

This store claims to have the largest puppy selection within 150 miles. It is privately owned, and not affiliated with the other pet stores in the area. It is a newer store that opened in 2008. Click here to watch their commercial. Their puppies are exercised daily.

Affordable Grooming

Marion, Illinois

This place offers pet grooming services for less expensive prices. They also sell brushes, flea control products, tick control products and shampoos.

Squak-N-Talk Pet Shop

Mount Vernon, Illinois

This store sells birds, fish, reptiles, small animals and supplies for all of them. Closed Sundays.


Petco Animal Supplies

Carbondale, Illinois

This chain store has practically anything you would be looking for. They sell all types of brands of pet food. They sell products for cats, dogs, birds, amphibians, reptiles, small animals, freshwater and saltwater fish. It is located in the University Mall Shopping District.

D&M Feeds

Carterville, Illinois

This practical store offers bird food, cat food, dog food, pet supplies, fertilizers, horse feed, apparel and more. They have been open for thirty years. Their pet food tends to be in bulk, but is cheaper than most other pet stores.

Lodge of the Four Pets

Pickneyville, Illinois

This place is mainly a grooming and boarding facility for cats and dogs. The kennels have air conditioning for summer and heat for winter, and they board all types of dogs and cats. The grooming services range from baths, ear cleaning, nail trimming, hot oil treatment, flea treatment and special shampoo treatment. They also sell grooming supplies, along with dog food, brushes, combs, collars and toys.

Dillinger’s Feed Store

Carbondale, Illinois

This is a practical store with a good selection. They offer many types of feed, litter and bedding, and a good selection of dog food.

Barb’s Groom Room

Tamaroa, Illinois

This is mostly a pet grooming service place, but the lady there also does boarding. They sell some products, like brushes, flea control products, tick control products and shampoos.

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  1. My little sister is 9 years old. I am 20. She had a pet hamster that she has had for along time. Recently her hamster passed away and she is wanting another one. I live in Mt.Vernon, Illinois and none of the pet stores here sell hamsters. Would you happen to have any information as to where I could buy a hamster from a pet store here in southern Illinois? My phone is 618-204-5738. Thank You!