Pet Stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Ann Harbor, Michigan, has a great selection of pet stores for a variety of all sorts of pets. A couple of them have awesome travel products.

Dogma Catmantoo

This pet store was opened by a two people, one being veterinarian who is knowledgeable about high-quality pet food and supplements. They also sell books and other products about how to keep your pet healthy.

This store also sells many fun products, like plush dog beds, collars, harnesses, leashes, cat toys, dog toys, bowls and even human apparel. They carry a bunch of great products for traveler dogs, such as a car seat tube and even a dog tent! It is meant to be a place where humans and their pets can shop, learn and hang out.

Green Pawz Pet Supply

This pet store is located in the Maple Village Shopping Center. Their motto is “Love your pets & your planet!” They sell a supply of healthy pet foods that were made in the USA, and have no chemicals, by-products or artificial preservatives. You can ask the staff how to read pet food labels, so you can educate yourself on what you are feeding your pet.

There are also many other eco-friendly pet products for cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters, mice, rats and guinea pigs. This store holds dog adoption events, and there are cat adoption events every third Sunday of the month.


University Aquarium and Pet Shop

This store has been serving the Ann Arbor area for over 40 years, and is independently owned and operated. They offer a variety of services, including commercial and residential aquarium set up and maintenance, pet tag engraving, free water testing, bird wing and nail grooming, collar rental. You can even rent a black light. They also sell a great range of products, for aquariums, birds, cats, dogs, small animals and reptiles. They sell some pets as well.

Naughty Dog Cafe

Naughty Dog Cafe is Ann Arbor’s original treat bakery. They bake a variety of natural and healthy dog treats, and sell holistic dog foods. There is also cage free boarding for a small group of dogs (5-7 at a time), where they walk the dogs three times a day.

The Four-Legged Socialite

This boutique is locally owned and operated, and is in the Briarwood Mall. They carry a variety of dogs, pet clothing, collars, grooming products, pet toys, interactive cat toys, and training products. They carry some interesting travel products, like on-the-go water feeders and cat car harnesses.

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