Pet Stores in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, has some wonderful shopping options for pets. The city offers cute local boutiques, custom aquarium designers, breeders, as well as chain stores to visit.

Posh Pets Boutique

This store always gets named for all sorts of titles like Best Pet Store in town. It offers fine collars, leashes, toys, foods, pet beds, designer pet carriers, handmade treats and more. It is very nicely and aesthetically laid out. It is mainly cat and dog themed.

Jack’s Aquarium and Pets

This store chain has been open for 58 years. It offers pets and pet supplies for fish (freshwater and saltwater), dogs, cats, birds, small animals and reptiles. There are five stores around Columbus, Ohio, as well as others all around the state.


This store offers birds, fish, reptiles, small animals and puppies and kittens! There are three locations in Columbus.

Captive Born Reptiles

This store carries all sorts of baby rattlesnakes, kingsnakes and milksnakes that will hatch soon. Captive Born Reptiles is one of the biggest American retailers of captive reptiles and amphibians, and it has been open for over three decades. They also carry reptile and amphibian products, cages, lights, bedding, books, frozen rodents, live rodents and rabbits. They even sometimes sell crocodilians! They sell to places like the National Aquarium in Baltimore and to the Columbus Zoo. You’re dealing with professionals!


Aqua Art Aquariums

Located in Dublin, Ohio, this store has been open for 22 years. They have free estimates, and offer any shape, size or color. They use acrylic on their tanks because the material is half the weight of glass, easier to transport and insulates better than glass.


This chain store offers all sorts of products for cats, dogs, birds, wild birds, fish, reptiles and small pets. They even offer weird stuff like pet sports jerseys, and they hold events sometimes. Currently, they all are stocked with holiday-themed pet gifts. There are six locations that are in proximity to Columbus.


Petco is a well-known chain, that has dog supplies and food, cat supplies and food, fish supplies, live fish and rock, natural foods, small animal supplies, reptile and amphibian supplies, bird supplies and wild bird supplies. They also hold some holiday supplies. There is one location in Columbus, and it offers vaccinations, full service grooming, pet photography, self-service dog washes and an aquatics department. Click here for coupons.


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