Pet Stores in Dallas, Texas


Dallas, Texas, has many fine locally-owned pet shops. Many are dedicated to particular pets, or to all sorts of pets. In any case, there’s a good deal of selection of establishments, that you’ll probably find what you need without a problem.

Pet Supplies Plus

This shop is known for supplying both pet supplies and knowledge about owning different pets. They hire people who know and have pets. Because they believe in nutrition, they also have a relationship with an animal clinical nutrionist at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. They carry normal brands of pet food, along with organic brands. They have smaller stores that are easier to shop around in.

Boutique Pet Shop and Aquarium

This store has been open since 1968, in the same location, with its original owners. They hold over 10,000 gallons of live fish, and they offer free in-store water testing and consultation. They even have their own koi pond in the store, so that’s fun to just observe! Other than fish, they also offer supplies for dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and birds. They offer some stylish things for furry friends in velvet or jeweled. They also do grooming! This is a great place if you have a lot of different pets you need to shop for.

Best Pet Shop and Dog Grooming

This is a family-owned business that has been open since 1978. They have many fish and supplies for freshwater and saltwater types, as well as aquarium supplies like air pumps, filters, power heads and wet/dry systems. They have a dog grooming department as well.

The Cat Connection

Cat person? Shopper? This is the store for you! They offer all sorts of cat products, like catnip, cat carriers, toys, treats, food, collars, cat litter, grooming supplies, furniture and more. They also have boarding and grooming departments.

Canine Commissary

This store has been open for 28 years, and is dedicated to providing nutrition for cats and dogs. They also have supplies for all sorts of cats and dogs. They have two locations in Dallas, and one in Plano, Texas.

Fish Gallery

This is a fancy store that offers lots of different types of aquariums. They also offer fish, plants, lighting, filtration, pumps and assorted fish foods. They even have captive and wild bred coral reefs.

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