Pet Stores in Durham, North Carolina

Durham, North Carolina, has a bunch of wonderful local pet stores and boutiques. Some of them specialize in birds or fish, while others offer extensive dog grooming, and others are devoted to letting dogs play outdoors while boarding.

Barnes Supply Co

Barnes Supply Co has been around the Durham area since 1953. They sell lots of premium pet foods, along with a wide variety of pet products, including things like beds, kennels, dog and cat houses, organic hemp collars, chains, halters, chews, bones, herbal remedies, whole food supplements, accident supplies, ointment, shampoos, conditioners, nail care products, toys and frisbees. They also carry feed for livestock, along with gardening supplies.

Sunny Acres Pet Resort

Sunny Acres Pet Resort is situated on 14 fenced-in acres just outside the Durham city limits.

These fields have lots of toys, balls and wading pools and are supervised by an experienced staff. The managers are certified by the Red Cross in Pet First Aid and CPR. Indoors, the buildings have air purifiers and constant surveillance. They also offer several training programs, like puppy classes, starter classes, manners classes and private training. They also offer basic and full-service grooming services.

Triangle Tropical Fish

Triangle Tropical Fish sells lots of saltwater and freshwater livestock. They carry a wide variety of corals and inverts. In terms of supplies, they sell protein skimmers, dry foods, live foods, frozen foods, chemicals, filters, tanks and lighting.

Birdie Boutique

Birdie Boutique specializes in bird products, and sells things like cooked foods, treats, beak conditioners, misters, pellets, toys, ropes, perches, nesting boxes, cages, stands, carriers, seeds and more.

For bird owners, they sell things like books, DVDs, harnesses and leashes, CDs and tapes about bird care. They also sell a variety of bird-related gifts like pens, picture frames, bobble heads and prints.

Ooh La La Pet Spa

This grooming center offers services for cats and dogs, and the price depends on the size, breed and coat condition of your pet. They offer full service grooming, along with toe grinding, tooth brushing, deshedding, dematting, hand scissoring and nail polishing. They also sell some fun products like toys, collars, pet clothing and basic grooming supplies.


Phydeaux is an independent, locally owned pet store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They sell all sorts of products for cats, dogs, birds and small animals. Some of their products include premium and raw foods, crates, leashes (for dogs and cats), training supplies, supplements and treats.

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