Pet Stores in El Paso, Texas


El Paso, Texas, offers a few nice pet stores if you happen to be around.

The city has a couple great local stores for fish and fish tanks, as well as some other grooming services for furry animals. The pet stores are more on the practical side in El Paso, as there are not as many pet boutiques.

Pet Emporium

This store is dedicated to pet nutritional wellness and pet aromatherapy for a wide array of species. They also have pet grooming services, and they sell some products for pond and aquarium maintenance. They sell exotic birds, along with bird supplies, nesting boxes, cages, food and more for your feathered friends. They have some supplies for small animals as well.

Saltwater Heaven

This store is dedicated to saltwater tanks and great looking corals. They sell tanks for homes, businesses, schools, restaurants and medical offices. They maintain the idea that keeping a saltwater tank is easier than a freshwater tank, if done correctly. They sell all sorts of products, such as different salts and live sand, heaters, filters, lighting, magnet glass cleaners, skimmers, test kits, frozen foods, supplements and more. They also do maintenance services.


Salty Fin

This store is El Paso’s largest saltwater supplier. They feature live coral, saltwater fish, freshwater fish and reptiles. They offer services, such as regular aquarium maintenance, new aquarium set-ups, custom tank design, pond cleaning and pond installation.

Paul’s Pet Grooming Shop

This is a local pet grooming shop with fair prices. They offer regular services, along with dipping, and flea and tick treatments. They also sell a few grooming products.

Northeast Feed Pets & Supply

This practical store specializes in reptiles, amphibians, birds and farm animals. They sell cages, carriers and all kinds of food for these animals. They even carry hay, which most pet stores lack.

Pet Shop

This is a grooming shop for dogs. They offer shampoos, cuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning and more. It is a popular place with many regulars, so you should call for an appointment for your pet long in advance!

PetSmart El Paso

This chain store has a location in El Paso. It offers grooming services, along with pet foods and supplies for all sorts of cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

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  1. Hello,
    I Own a Natural and Holistic Pet Supplies / pet boutique here in El Paso.
    We sell natural, organic premium food and all the dog and cat supplies you may need while traveling with your pet. We deliver to your hotel room.
    Can you please tell me how can we be included in your site.
    Thank you.